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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Hog 3M Deck for Arena 8+

Hey guys My name is MoonCricket but people like to call me “Moon”. I’m here to bring you this deck that you’ve probably seen before in one of Clash With Ash’s videos, the Hog Rider Three Musketeers Deck!
Hog 3M Deck

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Hog Rider, Three Musketeers and Barbarian Hut

Three Musketeers – This is your win condition. As you probably know this is a strong card right now. Three Musketeers will shred your tower if left alone and with a tank in front its super powerful.  You want to split this ladies because they are vulnerable to many spells such as Fireball, Lightning, Rocket etc. After you take down the first tower the best feeling in the world is to place the Three Musketeers in the middle of their side and watch the tower get destroyed in seconds.

Hog Rider – This is your proxy card, the Hog is a strong card in the meta, use it to chip away at a tower or maybe even to take it down with the Barbarians from the Barbarian Hut and the Ice Golem.

Barbarian Hut – Yes, you read correctly, the Barbarian Hut is in this deck. This card nobody expects it at all! Its great against tanks because it has so many HP and spawns barbarians. Also, since you have Three Musketeers this card is a spell bait card (Fireball, Lightning etc.) People forget that the Barbarian Hut has more HP than Musketeers so if you have your Musketeers next to the barbarian hut and they Lightning it they will only get 1 Musketeer, and when they realize that they didn’t kill them… Well they are in a lot of trouble.

Ice Golem – This card is one of the best 2Elixir cards in the game. The Ice Golem will tank for the 3 Musketeers and the Hog, its great on defense because it can kite them across to the other lane. He can soak all the damage so that the while the Three Musketeers kill your opponents defensive troops. Same with the Hog, it can tank for him while the Hog does a lot of damage to their tower!

Fireball – This is a great spell to have in your deck. It can take out 3 Musketeers, barbarians, Witch, Musketeer, Wizard, etc. Its great on offense when your opponent has minion horde or Barbarians and you put your Hog down and predict their troops and kill them all! R.I.P to their tower.

The Log – This is the only legendary card in this deck. Its great to push back every single ground troops and, since its only 2Elixir, you can make a lot of positive Elixir trades. Kill the Princess, Skeleton Army, Goblins, any low HP unit. It finishes off the Three Musketeers too and Barbarians. If you don’t have The Log you can use the zap instead, it works just fine.

Mega Minion – Well the Mega Minion is in here, just like in any other deck you will face or use. Its a great defensive card when paired with the Barbarian Hut to take down pushes. It can kill Hogs, Miner and can even deal with a lonely Lava Hound by itself, and the pups too! If it locks on to a tower it deals massive amounts of damage.

Archers – Archers are a great card to have in your deck. They are another great defensive card and it can deal a lot of damage too. You want to keep them together because when they are alone they are basically useless, they can counter a miner without him getting a shot off! Great against graveyard too and many other cards.

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General Gameplan

Main Push – You want to have a Barbarian Hut set in a 2×2 plant, split the Three Musketeers in the back when they are getting close to the bridge drop a Hog rider with the 1 Musketeer and a Ice Golem in front of the other 2, its extremely hard to deal with and they’re probably going to lose a tower.

Ice Golem Hog Rider – Place the Ice Golem in the bridge and then the Hog, it can deal a lot of damage to their tower, if left alone they will take it down!

Ice Golem Archers – This cheap but strong combo is amazing! If you don’t want to place your Three Musketeers or don’t have the Hog well place the Ice Golem and your archers behind and your opponent will probably Log or zap them and the archers will still get a decent amount of damage.

Hog and Barbarians – When you have a wave of Barbarian at the bridge drop a Hog behind them and the Barbarians will tank for your Hog and help damage your opponents defensive troops.

Ice Golem Three Musketeers – If your opponent doesn’t know you have this ladies, and they drop their spell to take them out drop them 3 tiles behind the bridge and a Ice Golem in front and you’re good.

Mega Minion Hog – Drop Mega Minion in the back and when its getting close to the bridge, drop the Hog and if they have small troops drop a Log too so both units can get to their tower.

Hog Archers – Archers in the back of your tower and Hog at the bridge and this combo will deal a lot of damage.

This deck works so well against the meta at the moment

  • Golem/Giant Lightning decks – Keep the pressure up with your Hog and other “small” pushes above. Distract the Golem/Giant with Barbarian Hut and drop Mega Minion to kill their supporting cards, archers too. Remember to split the Musketeers and they will Lightning them but they will probably miss because of your Barbarian Hut.
  • Hog Cycle decks – Its great against Hogs because of all the HP that the Barbarian Hut has. Distract the Hog woth the Barbarian Hut and kill the Hog with archers or Mega Minion, if you don’t have enough Elixir, don’t worry the Barbarian Hut will take the Hog down by itself.
  • Lava Hound decks – If you have your Barbarian Hut down then drop them right next to it because the Lightning will kill only 1! If they have Fireball place them in the back and if your opponent kill them then use your Mega Minion and archers. When the Lava Hound dies place Ice Golem to distract the lava pups.
  • Siege decks – The Barbarian Hut is great against X-bows and mortars because it has so many HP. When its distracted drop Ice Golem in the bridge to soak the damage from your opponents cards and drop archer or Mega Minion on it to kill it, you can drop the Hog too.
  • Bait decks- Use The Log wisely, you want to Log the goblin barrel because its the one that can deal a lot of damage. Kill skeleton army and minion horde with archers. And on offense just keep the pressure up!

Well that’s all guys, hope you have success with this Hog Three Musketeers deck and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask in the comments!

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