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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Coltonw83’s Graveyard Bowler

Hello guys, It’s Will here! Today I am going to show you the stunning Bowler Graveyard, which was shared by Colton83. Most of you guys may already know Colton83. He got the Silver Medal at the King’s Cup. He also qualified for the Arena battles which is going to start very soon in this December.

Colton83 got loads of 12-win Grand Challenge chests. So let’s take a look and see how OP this deck is!

Graveyard Bowler

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Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale ZapClash Royale ArchersClash Royale fireball

Coltonw83’s Graveyard Bowler Deck

The main strategy of this deck is to defend first and to use the survived troops on counterpush, coupling with the Graveyard.

Ice Golem, Bowler and Mega Minion are used here as mini tanks (yes, Mega Minion). While they are soaking damage coming from the tower, the Graveyard unleashes tons of damage.

This deck ABUSES beatdown decks by quickly pushing on the other lanes after the opponent places heavy tankers at the back.

Bowler serves as the key defensive unit. He is also pretty deadly on offense If left alone. Use Bowler to deal with Barbarians, Hog Rider or anything that is weak to Bowler. I don’t recommend starting the battle with Bowler since he costs 6 Elixir. It’s better to start with low Elixir troop so Bowler should only be played when absolutely necessary.
When paired with Inferno Tower/Ice Golem and Mega Minion, he can counter almost anything. In addition, If your opponent tries to get smart and to push on the other lane, you can easily defend that push then counterpush with Gravryard and Bowler, taking his tower out in seconds.

Graveyard – You should use the Graveyard only when you have other units crossing the bridge (for soaking damage), unless in a desperate situation. Graveyard is definitely the most opportunistic card In Clash Royale at the moment. It should be used to attack only when you have survived defensive troops crossing the bridge. If either is incorrectly countered, your opponent can say goodbye to his Tower.

Inferno Tower: With the rise of Hog Rider Log (direct counter to the Tombstone) and Inferno Tower’s strength against Lava Hound, It is my go-to defensive building now despite its recent nerfs.
In this deck, the Inferno Tower can do an exceptional job when paired with any defensive troop. If played correctly, it can stop almost any push. Fear not If your opponent has Lightning, just place your troops well and don’t place your Inferno Tower and Mega Minion down until your opponent plays the Lightning.
You can take a look at the end of the video below to see how Coltonw83 deals with Lightning.

Ice Golem is one of the most versatile cards in Clash Royale at the moment. Its best use is on defense, when it is used to distract the opposing support troops such as Mini P.E.K.K.A, Bowler, Valkyrie, Mega Minion etc.
Ice Golem + Archers/Mega Minion is my favorite defensive combo, taking out lots of popular damage dealer at the moment.

The Ice Golem also has an interesting offensive use here, whenever you face beatdown decks, quickly drop the Ice Golem at the bridge on the other lane to soak damage then play your Graveyard on that Tower.

This move does 2 things:

  1. It punishes the opponent’s heavy usage of Elixir.
  2. It forces the opponent to split their troops on the opposite lane.

Fireball Is also super versatile. One of the best direct damage spells in Clash Royale. During the double Elixir time, I usually play pre-Fireball to dispatch any counter my opponent might have, especially Archers, Goblins, Skeleton Army and Mega Minion.

Mega Minion is definitely the best defensive card in the game at the moment. It Is also used to counterpush with the Graveyard. Why do most players use the Mega Minion? Because it’s so good yum yum!

Zap: We all know that the Zap is amazing but I have to say it again, it’s amazing in this deck! Outside the Zap’s typical effectiveness, it works extremely well on offense to surprise your opponent. Assuming that your Mega Minion is soaking damage while your Graveyard is attacking the Tower, and he is about to die. Zap the Tower! It will retarget the Skeletons and you now have the Super Ultra Mega Minion hitting the Tower. This trick can be applied to any damaging troop and to take out Goblins/Skeleton Army/Archers dealing with the graveyard.

Archers are rocking at the moment due to the rise of the Log. This defensive tool is extremely versatile (as the other ones here haha). Archers are a pretty great starting hand! Place them at the back to create a decent threat to both Towers. Archers are great at dealing with air troops. They have great DPS and work beautifully on offense when left alone.

Hopefully you guys can push further with this deck! Oh and get a few great Grand Challenge wins as well!

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