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گت بلاگز Deck Building Double Elixir Challenge Deck – Rocket Siege

Hey guys, Leonex here with a deck specially made for the Double Elixir Challenge. This deck got me a 12-2 on my first run and a 12-0 on my second run. So much reward for only 5 gems! I really recommend playing a lot of these challenge if you can win 10-12 wins constantly as it’s very cheap. Anyways, let’s get to the deck breakdown!

Rocket Siege Deck for Double Elixir Challenge Event

Double Elixir Challenge Deck #1 – Rocket Siege

Clash Royale RocketClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale The LongClash Royale Furnace
Clash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Skeleton Army

Rocket: Obviously, the main win condition. Usually you wouldn’t Rocket a tower + anything below 4 Elixir and anything at 4 would still be questionable. However, with the double Elixir, why wouldn’t you? More details later on.

Inferno Tower: Great defense against tanky and expensive troops, which will appear a lot during the Challenge. Usually, it can be easily countered by a Lightning. However, you’re probably able to cycle through your next Inferno Tower fast enough, especially if you’ve put down an early Inferno Tower.

Log: Currently very commonly used for a good reason. A great way to clear hordes, delay big pushes, or simply finish off a tower at 100 or so HP. Also a great cycle card, equivalent to a 1 elixir cycle card in the double elixir challenge. Literally equal; 1 x 2 = 2
Alt: Ice Golem, Zap

Furnace: Your secondary win condition. Chip away your opponent’s tower with this or force him to defend against the fire spirits. A counter to this would usually be the tombstone. Logging the tombstone when it’s in about half HP would be a good idea so you can continue chipping away the tower.

Ice Wizard: A great starting card to play and excellent defense, especially paired up with the Inferno Tower. It can slow down fast troops enough for your Inferno Tower to kill it. Some, if not most, people also tend to ignore a lone Ice Wizard approaching a tower. The Ice wiz actually deals decent chip damage, especially great if the Ice Wizard was used for defense as it’s technically free chip damage.
Alt: Archers, Ice spirit, Ice Golem

Mega Minion: I tried Minion Horde but it was to easily shut down by Arrows or Zap so i decided to use the Mega Minion. Great for defense, counter pushing, or even cycling as 3 elixir isn’t much in double elixir. Great chip damage as well if your opponent doesn’t have enough elixir.

Arrows: I chose the Arrows over the Zap because it’s double elixir. 1 additional elixir (which isn’t a lot in double elixir) to take out Minions and Minion Hordes reliably. It also has a large radius so it can takeout a huge horde push for so much positive elixir trade. If you however, still prefer the Zap, then it’s fine. Half of my first run in the challenge was with the Zap, and it wasn’t too bad.

Skeleton Army: A great way to counter Graveyards, which i can assure you will be very common in this challenge. Also a great 2nd line of defense if your opponent somehow passes through the Inferno Tower, which sometimes is done by using a Zap, so your Skeleton Army would be safe from the Zap.

General Gameplan

One thing you should take not of in this challenge is your play style. Your mindset should differ from your usual play style as the usual elixir loss wouldn’t be too much of a loss here. For example, Rocketing a lone tower might not be as bad as you think. Obviously it should be avoided unless you have positive elixir trade, but it wouldn’t be as bad as you think

I would always try my best to set up a furnace as fast as possible as it’s a great way to chip, stall, or force your opponent to start first. If your opponent starts with something in the back, I’d Rocket it plus the tower. A good Rocket target would be the Musketeer, Wizard, witch, or Bowler. An excellent Rocket target would be the collector and sparky. Continue chipping away his tower and put down cards like the Ice Wizard or Mega Minion to do a mini push in which he will defend and attempt a counter push, in which you will defend and then try to Rocket his tower if you can.

During mid or late game is when defending is crucial, as that’s when your opponent would usually starting pushing heavily. Inferno Tower is the most important card at this moment and play the rest of your cards accordingly. Mega Minions to take Bowlers, Musketeers, other Mega Minions, etc. Skeleton Army to distract or take out support troops. Ice Wizard to slowdown troops to let your Inferno Tower melt it down.

After defending with positive elixir trade, start Rocketing his tower. Usually half of the damage comes from Rockets while the other half comes from various chip damage. However, if your opponent is defending well, then take advantage of the 3 minute overtime and keep Rocketing him when you get the chance. Note that stalemates are quite common and i’d usually get out of this situation by simply Rocketing, logging, and occasionally Arrowing the tower.

Decks that this deck is strong against:

Spell Bait: With a furnace, log, arrow, Ice Wizard, Skeleton Army, and usually another Furnace, you don’t have to worry to much about horde troops.

Beatdowns: Usually, beatdown decks contain lightning to counter Inferno Towers. However, double elixir allows you to cycle through another Inferno Tower fast enough. Lots of the time, i see people use lightning on my tower and furnace because he was desperate for damage as this deck’s defense is very irritating. That’s when you know it’s safe to put down an Inferno Tower, Mega Minion, and Ice Wizard all at once.

That’s the end of this guide. This deck is very easy to learn and master. I’m usually a beatdown or control deck player but even i can play this cycle/siege deck very easily in double elixir. I haven’t attempted to play this deck in ladder, but i’m pretty sure it wont be that good without double elixir.

If you’d like to make your own double elixir deck, i recommend the mirror. For only 1 additional elixir, you can surprise your opponent most of the time. A great utility for spell bait decks.

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