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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Giant Skeleton + Graveyard = Boomyard! Funny Deck for Arena 8+

Hey everybody, Pete here. Thanks for coming and checking out my guide. Today I wanted to talk to you about the deck that got me back to Legendary Arena. Before we get into playing the deck, let’s break it down card by card! I want to let you know that I try to break down my decks by siloing the cards into two categories: Staples and Complimentary/Utility cards. Staple cards will not be changed out. Complimentary/Utility cards can be rotated out to fit the meta.

So let’s get into it! First up are the staple cards. Again, these are mainstays in the deck and will not be rotated out.


Clash Royale Giant SkeletonClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Dark PrinceClash Royale Goblin Hut
Clash Royale TombstoneClash Royale ZapClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Ice Spirit

Giant Skeleton + Graveyard + Hut = ?


Goblin Hut (level 7)

Placement: Corners.

First, we have the Goblin Hut! Let’s face it – you either hate this card or you love this card. I, personally, go back and forth between the two—but in this case, I love it! The Goblin Hut that I use is at Lvl 7. You can definitely use a Lvl 6. In the classic case, people would use Goblin Hut (Hut) as a staple in spawn decks. This deck does not utilize Hut in the same way a spawn deck does; it’s used to apply pressure and build momentum for a counter push. You aren’t trying to cycle through your deck to drop another Hut, instead, you are using Hut as a means to keep your opponents at bay and apply constant pressure on one lane of the map.

Hut is one of the cards that I will not drop at the start of the match. If I have a Tombstone in hand then I will feel more comfortable dictating the pace of the match by placing a Tombstone and Hut on the same side of the map to pressure a lane. My opponent then has to decide whether to fight through it or attack the other lane.

Tombstone (level 7)

Placement: Left or Right of center

Don’t let the stats fool you – this card is a beast!

Tombstone is a card that I have always championed. Until recent metas, Tombstone was an underutilized tower card but has gained in popularity for good reason. For 3 mana you get an amazing tower that can pull enemies to the center of the map, stop beasts like P.E.K.K.A, Mini-P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Sparky, and buy you time in a pinch. The constant stream of Skeletons adds a great defensive barrier, much like the Goblin Hut. Will the Skeletons do any significant damage? No. But they will distract your opponent’s Minions while your Minions get in a few precious hits, slowly gaining you an advantage. Your opponent must spend more elixir on their push to beat Tombstone or sit back and let it do its thing.

Must be paired with Goblin Hut for max effectiveness.

Graveyard (Lvl. 1)

Placement: Roughly two tiles left or right of King tower

Graveyard is an interesting and powerful card. Typically, Graveyard isn’t as strong as pre-patch Poison (one could make the argument that it might not be as strong as the post-patch Poison since it’s difficult to use on defense as the damage is not guaranteed) but it can be more devastating if not kept in check.

I rigorously tested this card and came to the conclusion that it cannot and must not be used alone. Day one I tried using it like a pre-patch Poison. The result? Countered every time by Goblins, Valkyrie, and Barbarians—BY THEMSELVES. Most decks you face on your road to arena 9 will utilize one or all of those cards so be creative in your utilization of the Graveyard spell or prepare to be underwhelmed! You also cannot use Graveyard once a tower is down since their king tower and the remaining tower will mow down your Skeletons before they even get a chance to swing.

So, when do I use Graveyard?

  1. I usually wait for my opponent to over-commit to my push with Giant Skeleton and Dark Prince then drop Graveyard on the opposite side of the map on an unguarded tower.
  2. I pair it with a counter push.
  3. If you are absolutely itching to use it at the start of a game then it must be paired with Ice Spirit. I will drop an ice spirit at the start of a match and wait for the opponents tower to engage it, then I will summon Graveyard on the soon to be frozen tower for massive damage. Most opponents allow the Ice Spirit to hit their tower because they assume you are cycling through your deck – which you are, in some cases.

Dark Prince (Lvl 3)

Placement: Right Behind Giant Skeleton’s butt

As of right now the Dark Prince serves one purpose and one purpose only: to push Giant Skeleton to the tower! A very powerful combo, the “Prince Push” can be devastating. If the enemy invests too many resources in a big slow tank (Golem, Royal Giant, Lava Hound) I will immediately drop this combo on the opposite end of the field.

Giant Skeleton (Lvl 3)

Placement: Anywhere

A brilliant utility card, Giant Skeleton can be used to soak up damage and halt a counter push with his giant bomb after death, can combo with Dark Prince to rush an opponents tower, or can be used as a faint threat to gauge how your opponent reacts to his lane presence.


Skeleton Army ( Lvl. 4) Alternatives: Ice Wizard, Bomber, Guards, Mini P.E.K.K.A

Location: Anywhere on top of the enemy! Best to drop on your side of the bridge behind their tank and on top of the tank’s backup. Also best used in front of cards like hog rider and giant since they don’t target Minions.

I was very happy to see Skeleton Army get a boost last patch. I think Skeleton Army brings a solid defensive alternative to the Tombstone. It is incredibly weak against splash but is a godsend against everything else. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, Skeleton Army can help clear an enemy push and become its own counter-push!

Arrows ( Lvl. 10) Alternatives: Zap, Fireball, Log

Location: Wherever Princess, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Etc. are.

Right now arrows is more versatile than Zap (which was in the initial build), as it kills the princess, minion horde, and other bunches of small annoying creatures! looks at Goblin barrel

Ice Spirit (Lvl. 10) Alternatives: Skeletons, Zap, Log, Fireball

Location: Anywhere that needs freezing. Either on defense to buy time or on an offensive push.

I love Ice Spirit. Even after the nerf, Ice Spirit still performs admirably for 1 elixir. Is it a staple, though? It’s still up in the air. Right now I like where Ice Spirit is at, but I’m not quite confident enough to say that it’s a staple. But it’s close.

I hope you all enjoyed my write up on my newest deck to get me (back) to legendary. The deck is a lot of fun, different, and open to interpretation. Keep checking in as I plan to contribute as much ass possible. Be sure to follow me – especially my gaming newly created YouTube Channel.

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