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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Push to Legendary Arena with Royal Giant F2P Deck

Arena 9 is where we all want to be in Clash Royale. In order to get to 3000 trophies the question often is – what deck should I use to get there? There is no single answer for this as multiple decks will work but I want to show you a deck that is particularly easy to use and powerful, especially sub-3000. I know a lot of people use Legendary cards below Arena 9 now but I think it is only fair to use cards that everyone will have access too which is why I’ve made this guide without using any Legendary cards.


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Push to Legendary Arena with Royal Giant

Post 2000 trophies, this is a very good, easy to play deck that should be able to get anyone to Arena 9. You don’t need high levels and you don’t need any Legendary Cards. It’s a simple deck based around Royal Giant, Musketeer and the Tombstone and in terms of getting those 3000 trophies, this should get you there if played correctly (and potentially beyond!).

In the video, I’m playing at around 3200 trophies and so my units are rare lvl 7 and lvl 11 common which does make it somewhat easier, but further down, you should be fine with lesser levels as the important units here don’t diminish in their capabilities too much.

General Gameplan

Place your Royal Giant behind your towers and try and put down your tombstone in the middle of your side with the Skeletons going to the same side as the Royal Giant. Place your Musketeer close behind the Royal Giant and she will both protect and cause serious damage to buildings and units. Use the other units as necessary to defend and attack depending on the cards they release. Be ready with your spells to take down smaller units or Zap Inferno Towers/Dragons and Sparkies.

Royal Giant, Musketeer and Tombstone:

The Royal Giant plays two functions in this deck. Firstly, it is the tank and should take most of the hits providing cover for other units to creep up. If played well, the enemy tower will focus the Royal Giant whilst units, including Skeletons from the Tombstone start to build up around it and inflict large amounts of damage. Secondly, it provides a steady stream of damage to the enemy towers / buildings – if the enemy properly defends it won’t get too many shots off on the tower but the 3 or 4 it does get off will add up to get down a tower by the end of the game.

The Musketeer is a vital card and whilst there are some spells that will counter it such as Fireball, you should do everything you can to keep it alive as long as possible. Whilst pushing, place the Musketeer behind the Royal Giant so that it doesn’t get targeted by the enemy troops, it will then help destroy both air and ground troops as they approach the Royal Giant. It also has a good range on it so can help take down other range troops and buildings. In defense, place it down slightly behind the front line of your tower so that the tower takes the brunt of the attacks whilst the Musketeer acts as DPS toward incoming attacks. It’s especially good against air such as Loons and Lava Hounds as it provides a lot of damage at a fast rate.

The Tombstone is a highly under-rated yet fantastic card to play with. It can do pretty much everything except fire at air. In defense it provides countless distractions for incoming units such as Knights and Valks as they hit each skeleton as it comes out giving you enough time to finish them off with other troops. It also helps distract hogs, Royal Giants and Giants by taking their focus away from towers. In attack, if you have troops taking hits from the enemy towers, the skeletons can start to pile up behind them and if they get onto enemy buildings they actually start to provide pretty good damage.

Top Tip: Your musketeer is absolutely vital in both defense and offense – make sure you use her wisely, with cover so that she can inflict the most damage possible.

Good luck and let me know how you get on! If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to Chucky’s channel – I cover strategy for both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

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