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گت بلاگز News Clash Royale October Balance Change Update (10/20)

Hello my friends, Supercell is going to release a new Clash Royale balance change update on October 18th, making a significant change to the rocking Giant Poison (aka Goison) combo and the Elixir Collector. Hopefully you guys will like this update!

Clash Royale October Balance Change Update

Clash Royale October Balance Change Update

Giant HP decreased by 5%

As we all know, in the last balance change, the Giant’s damage got decreased by 5% but that doesn’t seem enough to pull enough power from him. His HP is exactly the thing that matters. Hopefully this change will put him to the right place overall. This is not really a huge nerf since Supercell’s aim is to reduce the power of Giant Poison combo.

Poison will no longer slow attack speed and movement speed

Bad news for Poison lovers!
Thematically Poison’s main job is damage over time, not slow down things. This change will definitely make its functionality clearer. We can’t use the Poison to fully control an area for 10s anymore.

Elixir Collector cost now increased from 5 to 6; Elixir gain increased from 7 to 8; Lifetime increased by 10s.

This is really a significant change to the Elixir Collector. Increasing its cost to 6 literally makes it a bigger risk to play, giving the opponent a better opportunity to counterplay.

The Log now rolls further and faster; damage increased by 9%

“Does The Log suck? NO!” says Supercell. Wow they really want to force people to use The Log.

Skeleton Army cost decreased from 4 Elixir to 3 Elixir; Skeleton count decreased from 21 to 16; Skeleton level increased by 5.

Although Skeleton Army is a terror in the early game but due to the quantity of area damage cards nowadays, its usefulness fades away. People will use the Skeleton Army a lot more for sure after this huge change. Cheaper and stronger, why not!

Ice Golem and Golem death damage will also affect flying units

This was just a bug. It’s fixed now.

What do you think about this balance change guys? Please share your opinions!

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