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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Best Three Musketeers Deck for Arena 8 and 9

Hi guys and gals, GalbersGaming here. This weekend I came up against player after player with level 11 and 12 commons below 3500 and so I decided to embrace my higher level cards and start the journey to 4000. Previously I had only written guides on decks with 10/7/4/1 card levels capable of reaching 3500, which brings me to introduce my bread and butter deck, the Three Musketeers.

Best Three Musketeers Deck

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Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Zap

The Best Three Musketeers Deck for Arena 8 and 9

Back before Lightning became popular this deck was a beast but even now it still holds its own. The deck has various variations which I will go into later but right now I’m holding just below 3800 trophies with this deck:

  1. Three musketeers (8)
  2. Ice Golem (7)
  3. Knight (10)
  4. Goblins (11)
  5. Ice Spirit (10)
  6. Zap (11)
  7. Mega Minion (7)
  8. The Log (1)

Previous versions had the:

  • Miner instead of the Knight
  • Canon instead of the Mega Minion, this version was a little too defensive and could sometimes turn up a trash hand
  • For those who don’t have The Log, Arrows is a replacement

The deck is very methodical and is easy to use. The general strategy is to split push down both lanes using your tanks and splitting your musketeers. From here see how your opponent responds to both sides and next time react accordingly. You will find that generally your opponent will struggle to stop both attacks without taking tower damage allowing you to rinse and repeat your split push, chipping his tower(s) lower and lower.

Tech Tips:

  • The Three Musketeers when placed should nearly always split up, two down one side and one down another. When the opponent is a tower down, to split your musketeers they have to be placed at least four tiles forward of your King’s Tower.
  • Ice Golem and Zap will kill Minions
  • Ice Spirit and Goblins is a cheap and potent combination in both defense and attack
  • If the opponent is dropping Barbarians to defend and kill your Muskets, have the Ice Spirit follow the Muskets and then use Log to push the frozen Barbs back. This should keep your Muskets alive and give you a positive elixir exchange.
  • Be cautious of greed, dropping your three musketeers in the heart of the enemy’s side to take the second tower can be exactly what the opponent wants you to do. Only do this to finish the game and if the opponent has no quick answer.
  • Top Tip: if you can, defending against a push from your opponent with your three musketeers can make for a terrifying counter push.

Potential problems:

  • Lightning: so far I have gone two wins in ten games versus Lightning…To stand a chance you have to use your other cards and if the opponent uses their Lightning try to take advantage of the limited time before they cycle back round to it.
  • Fireball: if the opponents’ Fireball is a level higher than your Musketeers this is worse than Lightning as it will one shot your Muskies for two elixir less. However, so long as this is not the case the opponent will have to use either Log or Zap to finish of your two Muskies which is fine as your untouched Musketeer on the other side got into the arena for three Elixir (nine elixir for Three Musketeers equals three elixir per Musketeer), one less elixir than normal. Just make sure not to allow your opponent to fireball two of your Musketeers on the tower he/she wants to destroy.
  • Fast chip decks: due to their flexibility they can deal with the split push pretty well. Minimise the damage in normal time and then start your split push just before overtime kicks in.

This deck has served me well. It was the first deck to boost me over the 3000 trophy mark back when the reset was at that level and still works very well now. It does not work well against Lightning users which is a pain, however against most other decks it stands up well, just make sure your Three Muskies are at the same level of Fireballs that you are coming up against. If you have any questions let me know and please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel Galbers Gaming for more strategy, guides and tips in Clash Royale, it really does help and allows me to produce the content like the article you are reading right now 🙂

Happy splitting,


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