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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Incredible Balloon Freeze Deck for Arena 8+

Hello my friends, Norbysweg here! I’ve been messing up with some different combinations and playstyles, until i got to this awesome setup which makes this deck so powerful. It reks the current meta of Golem/Giant Beatdown decks, because it’s very sneaky and can demolish a whole Tower in a single move. This deck contains a Legendary card, the Ice Wizard, but i’ll show you some great replacements for him!


Freezing Balloon Deck for Arena 8+

The Freeze is a beautiful card and I don’t really know how to explain why, but I’ll try. You see, a card like the Fireball can be upgraded to deal bigger damage, but the troops can be also upgraded to survive the fireball. The Freeze spell Freezes every card, therefore its level doesn’t matter. If you upgrade it, the Freeze lasts longer. Like the Rage spell, it can’t be countered, that’s what I like about these two spells. At the same time, a Freeze can cost you the Victory or the Defeat, so be careful while using it. Your main goal during a push is to get the Balloon to the tower, doing around 1000 damage at tournament standard, then defend like a scumbag, after that attack again, then defend again, and there you go.

Cards Breakdown

Clash Royale BalloonClash Royale FreezeClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Ice Golem
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Inferno Tower

Balloon – The Balloon hasn’t seen much usage since the beginning of time. I think this card is a beast if used correctly, because it can shut down all your enemy’s plans very simply. You should use this banger at the side of the Arena to ignore far placed buildings. Couple it with the Ice Golem, Skeleton Army or Ice Wizard. You should attack when he puts down an expensive Unit at the back, or when you can easily couple it with those troops left from the defense. With its moderate-big HP, it can easily survive the way to the enemy’s tower if used correctly.

Freeze – Told you earlier about this special card, can be used when your Mega Minion is left alone at his Tower, or used with the Balloon in a push. You shouldn’t Freeze swarm cards like the Minion Horde, because they easily get out of its radius. Only use it when the opponent puts down a card which threatens your Balloon, and it costs more than 3 Elixir, to catch him off guard. Best Cards to Freeze : Wizard, Musketeer, Mega Minion, Minions. Of course you want to Freeze his tower too, in order to absorb less damage. If your Balloon has very low health, save the Freeze for another occasion. He might use a spell to counter your weakened Balloon.The perfect timing for the Freeze is when the Balloon is very close to his Tower. This timing gives the Balloon around enough Health to survive a Fireball, but also the most Damage to his tower. Overall this combo is very tricky and a little hard to master. Luckily the other cards are very well known and they fit well in this strange Deck.

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Ice Wizard – He is the core of your deck. He is a very stable troop that doesn’t die in most spells, he is a solid counter for a lot of swarms, he slows down everything that can destroy your Balloon, he is also a very good backup card that you can trust, especially when you pushed with the Balloon and you want to reestablish that equal Elixir level with your enemy. We’ll talk about his replacements a little later.

Zap – I think we all know that the Zap earns its place in almost any deck, but I’ll talk a little bit about its synergy with the Balloon. When you push with a Balloon, you can destroy any attempt to counter the Balloon. You can kill small troops with the Zap, and you can Freeze the bigger troops. Don’t forget that an Ice Golem and Balloon paired with the Zap destroys Minion Horde.

Mega Minion – A tankier troop, this great troop has seen so much usage in the current meta, it synergies very well with the other cards in this Deck. Of course you want to use him on defense, but if your opponent counters your Balloon very well, you could try the Mega Minion Freeze combo if you’re brave enough. Use this when he doesn’t plan to counter the Mega Minion, for some very nice damage. Freeze with Mega Minion also does wonders in defense. Read more about him at here.

Skeleton Army – That weakness to fast paced Decks like Hog, Miner or Prince Decks always ruins my plans, but with the Skeleton Army I can easily shut down them. Use this swarm mostly on defense, but there are some very good opportunities to couple it with the Balloon, which I’ll explain later.

Inferno Tower – Very good comeback card, as you can place it rightaway when you just finished the Balloon Push to earn some time and plan your next move. It’s a must have in this Deck, because it needs massive Air defense (against Lava Hound Decks) and basic Tank destroying (against Golem/Giant Decks). You want to plant it like usual, 3 tiles from the King Tower.

Ice Golem – The shield of your pushes, you want to use this guy paired with the Balloon and Zap, as it can easily take out Minion Horde. While he tanks for your Balloon, his slow down effect can also assure that the Balloon will get to the Tower. Also very good in defense, builds up time for you to defend better and also distracts other Troops. I think it’s the best 2 Elixir card in Clash Royale right now, as good as Rage in my opinion.
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General Gameplan

Of course you want to get the most of your Balloon, but you should try to figure out your opponent’s plans, so you can surprise him when he is focusing on taking down your Tower. An early advantage should give your opponent this pressured sensation, which should make him more concentrated on offense. You shouldn’t go for the 3-Crown straightaway, because you have to Freeze a larger area, and your enemy has lots of options to place his counter. If you play the Balloon-Freeze combo in the middle of his side, you Balloon should be able to get 2 hits off the Tower. As I said, your main goal is to get the Balloon to the Tower, and defend like a scumbag.

Starting Hands: The worst starting hand would be the one with the 2 Spells, so you need to cycle to the Balloon and your defending cards. If he plays something expensive, just push the other lane and then defend with the remaining troops. The Balloon Freeze is meant to be a step forward to the victory, not a pushback, so play your cards very careful at the start.

Dealing with perfect counters: If your opponent always counters your pushes perfectly and his tower survives without a scar, you must change your playstyle a bit. Focus on which cards is he using to demolish your Balloon and wait for him to use them or if he wants to save them for the Balloon, try to push with the Mega Minion Freeze combo. Another smart method is to simply play defense and catch him off guard with the Balloon.

Double Elixir Time: Here you should be able to cycle faster to your Balloon and Freeze. Your opponent should start feeling insecure because of your fast cycling ability and lethal combination, so the Freeze is much more powerful now, because he will most likely place his counter(s) in the Freezable area due to stress and other factors. Also, never try to put 2 Balloons in a single push because those can be easily taken out by a Rocket or other splash card. You should definitely focus on offense in Double Elixir time, because almost every combo will result in at least a hit.


Don’t forget that you can add Freeze to every combo shown here! Also keep in mind that you can customize these combos everytime, it depends in your position in the card cycle, your enemy’s cards and many other factors. Here I’ll show the basic combos which can be made easily during the Battle.

  • Ice Golem + Balloon – Place the Ice Golem at the bridge, then place the Balloon regularly after one second from the Golem deployment. This placement puts the Ice Golem slightly forward, so you will be able to get the most of your Balloon.
  • Balloon + Skeleton Army – Quick Place these two in this order. Freeze not really recomended here, because Skeleton Army can be easily taken out by a spell. You should only use this combo when you know he’s going to use his Inferno Tower or Musketeer to counter your Balloon.
  • Ice Golem + Mega Minion – Same as the Ice Golem Balloon combo, but here you should only use the Freeze if the Freezed troop(s) aren’t in the Mega Minion’s way.
  • Ice Golem + Balloon + Mega Minion – If you have the Zap in your hand, this combo might be the best in this Deck. While The Ice Golem tanks and weakens, the Mega Minion and Balloon completely ruin your opponent’s plans. If you have the Freeze in hand, it’s basically GG.


  • Lava Hound Decks: Keep the main playstyle, this shouldn’t be a problem since you have the Inferno Tower, Mega Minion and Ice Wizard. Play your cards carefully because these kind of decks may contain a Lightning spell. You can use Ice Golem to soak up the damage from the pups.
  • Miner Cycle Decks: The Ice Wizard can clear the Support troops and the Ice Golem, Skeleton Army or Mega Minion can help taking out the Miner.
  • Royal Giant Decks: The Ice Golem should help with the Support troops and the Inferno Tower does a great job against the Royal Giant if played correctly. Skeleton Army is also a very good counter!
  • Giant Decks: If he has a Lightning, place the Inferno Tower out of its range, and the Ice Golem can go through the support troops and slow them down.
  • Hog Rider Decks: Use the Inferno Tower carefully, because that’s the only building in this Deck. The Mega Minion and Skeleton Army can do a decent job too! If he is using cheap support for his Hog, use the Ice Golem and Zap to clear those out.
  • X-Bow Decks: This one is easy: Balloon is the best living counter for the X-Bow. Combined with the Freeze can take out a fortified one too! You should save your Balloon for the X-Bow and use the Mega Minion Freeze combo instead. You can do the same for Mortar decks. Don’t worry for spending 5 Elixir against 4, because this way you take out his only win condition!
  • 3 Musketeer Decks: The Skeleton Army and Ice Golem combined can take Down the 3 Musketeers. If your enemy splits them, use Skeleton Army for the two, and Ice Golem for the Lone Musketeer. You must be sure that he doesn’t have his 3 Musketeers in rotation before you play your Balloon, but if you have Freeze, you’re fine.


Clash Royale ArchersClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Arrows

Ice Wizard:

  • Archers: They are very popular in the current meta, as they can be useful in lots of different scenarios. This will give this Deck a slight weakness to splash, but they’re worth a try.
  • Baby Dragon: As the Ice Wizard and Baby Dragon do almost the same thing, you could change this playstyle a bit and you could try using the Baby Dragon in a more tanky way. I don’t know how this works, but I think it’s not that big of a deal to try this out.
  • Fire Spirits: I said earlier that the Ice Wizard is the core of your Deck, well this replacement spices up things a little. I didn’t test this out, but I think it changes the playstyle dramatically. I wouldn’t recommendthis change, but you can go ahead and try it out.

Skeleton Army:

  • Goblins: This will give you a little trouble while facing the Inferno Tower, but I think these Goblins do a better job in sneaking behind the support troops, while they are distracted by the Ice Golem. This change will strenghten your deck a bit, because the Goblins can’t really give you any bad Elixir Trades. Go ahead and try it out!


  • Arrows: While Zap works better at stunning and retargeting, you could use the Pre-Arrowing move to prevent any counters such as the Minion Horde or Spear Goblins. Could work, but I’m really attaches to that stun effect and retarget which makes the Zap the best card in the game.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you liked this Deck, but I’d appreciate any tips or variations of this Balloon Freeze Deck which would make it better, or different.
Good luck and see you next time!

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