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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Miner Graveyard Rocket Deck for Arena 8+

Hey, guys, ever since I’ve got the Graveyard I’ve been experimenting. At first it seemed pretty useless but people started picking up its uses pretty quick. This gravedigger deck that I made myself helped me push 300 trophies to 3750 cups with tournament standard cards, and also get 12 wins in Grand Challenge. I know many of you won’t have the Graveyard, but reading this guide might give you an idea on how to counter Graveyard too.

Miner Graveyard Rocket Deck

Here I’m going to write a detailed guide on exactly how to use it!

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Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale ZapClash Royale Rocket

Cards and Variations

  • Miner – Irreplaceable, the deck’s main offense revolves around this card
  • Graveyard – Same as above
  • Inferno – This card is a MUST in order to counter Giant’s/Royal Giant /Golem/Lavahound. Any other defensive structure is just too weak to counter those tanks.
  • Ice Wizard/Princess/Archers – Offensively, Archers and Princess are probably stronger, but I prefer the Ice Wizard as it has high HP and a better defensive card than Archers/Princess. However, if you are in a tournament with lots of other Graveyard players, I would definitely suggest to switch to Archers.
  • Ice Spirit/Fire Spirit – These are both good options for this deck. In the video you only see the use of the Ice Spirit, but the Fire Spirit is also helpful on offense in order to take out annoying small troops that target Graveyard Skeletons. If you are using the Fire Spirit, replace Zap with The Log if you can, as Fire Spirits can do the job taking out Minion Horde.
  • Mega Minion – Most versatile card in the game right now, high DPS, 3 Elixir, you’ve heard all this before. Take a look at here to read more about the Mega Minions, about the best ways to use him!
  • Zap/Log /Arrows – I prefer the Zap, because it can be used on Minion Horde/Lava Pups, cards that can be a big problem. If you are running The Log make sure you have Fire Spirits instead of Ice Spirits. Arrows can be useful on offense, in order to take out Minion Horde/Minions, as the Zap can’t do that.
  • Rocket/Lightning/Fireball – In the video you will only see me use Rocket, but these other cards are useful too. If your opponent is countering Miner with Barbarians or Minion Horde, a predicting Rocket can be deadly. Fireball can be very useful against beatdown decks, as it can take out the deadly Archers.

General Gameplan


As I’ve said before, the Miner/Graveyard combo is this decks main push. This deck isn’t exactly chip damage, you will defend a lot more than attack, and the game is usually only won with 2-3 well timed pushes. Only use your Graveyard if you have more Elixir to attack than they have to defend your push. Not necessarily an Elixir advantage, if your opponent places a lavahound in the opposite lane then they will only have 4 Elixir to defend Graveyard, if that makes sense. This is extremely important, as you will easily be countered if they have enough Elixir. If you don’t want to play Graveyard yet, combo’s like Miner Ice Spirit or counter pushing with Ice Wizard Miner can be pretty useful for chip damage.

Best Graveyard counters include – Archers, Valkyrie, goblins, Minions, Minion Horde, Barbarians, Skeleton Army. On your well timed pushes, you can possibly deal a lot of damage on your opponents crown tower. However, any of the above listed cards can counter your gravedigger combo, so even well timed pushes won’t win the game for you. So you have 2 options, bait their counter, or kill it with a spell.

Baiting: What I mean by baiting, is waiting until they have used their counter card, then punishing them for it. But this will never work against a good player, they will always save their counter card. Against a lesser player, you just have to be patient, and do small chip pushes with your Miner instead of committing big pushes.

Predicting With a Spell: Here is a better option. If they are countering with Minion Horde/Barbarians, use your Miner in the usual position and a Rocket about half a second afterwards. You will take out their Barbarians/Minion Horde, and also inflict lot’s of crown tower damage. If they counter with goblins or Skeleton Army then do a gravedigger push and take those cards out with a Zap. High HP cards like Archers/Minions will have to be taken out with Archers or Fireball. If you don’t have these cards in your variation then baiting is the only option, as Rocket is too expensive to use on them unless you are up in Elixir.

Defense: Inferno – Ice Wizard – Mega Minion

This trio is extremely strong on defense. Here are the different pushes that can be coming at you, and how to deal with them.

Lone Hog or Cheap Hog pushes: This push can involve 1 Hog only, or maybe a Hog + Minions etc. If you have Mega Minion and Ice Spirit in your hand, this is brilliant, as with the help of the crown tower your opponent will only get a maximum of one hit on your tower, if even. Inferno is your second counter, but if it is just a lone Hog then you are losing out on 1 Elixir. Rocket or Fireball can also be used, but only if they have more troops alongside the Hog.

Heavy Surprise Push: This is usually Hog+Barbarians, Mini P.E.K.K.A+Minion Horde etc. Well….then just Rocket or Fireball! (if you can). If not, then Inferno, Ice Wizard, Zap often does the job. Ice Wizard is extremely useful for slowing troops down and dealing splash damage.

BeatDown Giant/Golem: This is the hardest to counter with this deck, specially if they have lightning, as it can take out your

Inferno/Ice Wiz/Mega Minion. Try and place your troops as wide as possible if they have lightning, and even use your Inferno up high, in order to escape it. If they bunch up their backup troops behind the tank, don’t hesitate to Fireball/Rocket. Counter pushing in the other lane can also be effective to divert their offense, but make sure you have enough Elixir for at least an Inferno.

Lavahound Miner: These are actually one of the easiest to deal with. Have both the Ice Wizard and Inferno going ham on the hound, save your Mega Minion for the Miner when it comes. If they use Minion Horde, Balloon, or Mega Minion/Minions together behind the hound, it’s ok to Rocket them all. Definitely save your Zap for when the pups pop.

Bait Decks: These are the Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Princess, Goblin Barrel decks. Another reason I use the Ice Wizard. When playing this deck, all you need to remember is to save each one of your counters to this deck, and not use them. E.g. save Zap for Goblins, save ice wiz and Ice Spirit for Minion Horde. Yes, this will limit your offense, and if that’s the case then you will have to play for a draw.

Siege Decks/Sparky: Give yourself a clap on the back because you’ve probably won. Rocket + Inferno will surely counter these decks every single time.

Winning in Overtime – At this point, your opponent’s crown tower only has 700 HP left, it is Okay to overcommit. Use your Miner, followed by a Rocket for the win. Your opponent HAS to counter the Miner, as their tower’s HP is so crucial, so the Rocket will crush everything they use to counter.

Note: If you watch my video I often use my Graveyard on defense as I’m nearing overtime. This is acceptable as a last resort, as long as you are playing for the win on your next push.

Now finally, I would like to make a point on WHEN TO USE THE Rocket?

This is possibly the most important aspect of this deck. Using the Rocket is a big investment, so you better use it wisely. Defensively, I’ve mentioned before that you should Rocket Sparky, X-bow, and big pushes with clumped troops. Offensively, always try to get a piece of the crown tower. Rocket the Elixir pump every time, so that they don’t get an advantage. If they use a lone wizard or witch, it’s ok to Rocket them as long as you can also hit the tower, as you are giving away 1 Elixir only, for 500 damage on their crown tower. 4 Elixir troops like musketeer, can also be Rocketed, but it is situational. The rest of the uses for Rocket are mentioned above in the rest of this guide.

A lot of effort went into this haha! Please watch my video if you enjoyed this guide!

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