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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Powerful Payfecta Deck v2.0

It’s me F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X here again, at last. I’ve been trying to change up my style of play to bring some more fun into Clash Royale. For the most part I always use to run with a tank such as Giant or Hound (Check out my GiWiVa deck for 5 through 8 and Easy to use Lava Hound Miner deck for 6+) and the other day I matched up with a Miner cycle deck that seemed to get back to his Miner before I could place a card behind my hound. This gave me the idea to start trying to come up with my own Miner deck! After some tweaking here and there I have finally come up with, what I hope is, a 100% original Miner deck. I’ve had decent success with this deck as I stay around 3500 in the ladder and have been killing it in tourneys and challenges. The best part is some of my cards are below tourney standard and it still preforms! Most importantly this is a crazy fun deck to use! I hope you enjoy it!


clash royale payfecta deck

Clash Royale The LongClash Royale MinerClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Goblin
Clash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale fireball

Clash Royale Payfecta Deck

Miner – The Miner is a mini tank you can place anywhere in the arena. This gives him the ability to be used in many different ways but chiefly, in this deck, he will be used as chip damage and as a mini tank for other cards. For other ways to use the Miner please read my description of him in a previous post of mine.

Ice Wizard– Defense! Originally I had the Ice Spirit in this deck for their cheaper cost but I found the Ice Wizard to be much more effective. But back to the defense…Use this guy almost exclusively on defense to slow down enemy pushes. He does a decent job at stopping weak troops like Minions or Skeletons but when paired with the Musketeer any opponent push wI’ll be stopped quickly enough. He is only to be used on offense if he survives the opponents push but you should not place him to be used for your own push!

The Log – The last legendary in this deck, I swear! The Log is a great card and works better for this deck than zap does. The Log is a better fit because it can kill a Princess, take out a tombstone, rollaway a Skeleton Army, and by you invaluable time with its pushing effect AND not to mention 100+ tower damage.

Musketeer – Wow! No reason she is part of the trifecta! She does great damage and she is ranged making her ideal for defense against tanks or even against air swarms. If she survives an opponent push she can help deal great damage on offense as well! Her and the Ice Wizard are your shut down defense! No building needed!

Mega Minion – A neat little card. He is a tank shredder. His damage output, for an air troop, is incredible making him great for dealing with any tank that comes at him, air or ground. Still he is used primarily for defense! I prefer to stick with the Ice Wizard and Musketeer combo but sometimes you need an extra…well…Mega Minion to stop an opponents push and that is why he is here. Don’t use him on offense! He only is if he survives a push.

Goblins – Great card. Cheap but super versatile. First, use them on offense for chip damage or behind a Miner for significant damage. He is cheap so it doesn’t put you at a huge Elixir disadvantage to use him. Also great on defense, they shred through tanks, distract P.E.K.K.As or Princes, or even can help deal with that new graveyard! Also helps you cycle through your deck quickly.

Fire Spirits – Another incredibly versatile card. can be used on defense to take out swarms or deal quick high damage. On offense they can still be used to deal with any resistance but do not be afraid to throw them on their own or behind a Miner to just put in chip damage to the tower. It costs two Elixir for you to do significant damage and worst case your opponent stops them for an even or positive(for you) Elixir trade. You will get an Elixir advantage while on defense so don’t be afraid to waste this tw Elixir on offense.

Fireball – This seems like a substitute for poison ever sense it was nerves except I think it works better in this deck than poison ever would have. This spell card can be used in many ways like defending pushes, defending your own push, and chip damage. Fireball, in this deck, is used to stop Minions, witches, wizard, musketeers, barbs, etc. Also use it on offense to take out troops and give your Miner a little extra time. Lastly, the tower damage is sometimes necessary for last second victories or used to tie it up.

NOTE – I understand this is a legendary heavy deck. That being said there are some substitutes that can be made although it will be less effective. There is NO substitute for the Miner. As I said, you can try to use ice spirit for the Ice Wizard but you will have to you it more sparingly on defense. The Log is great in this deck but zap will are looking achieve the more important uses of the log are loss well like stopping weak troops for a low cost. Some people may not have a decent Mega Minion so instead try Minions instead but be careful that they will also die easier.


This deck is about focusing on getting an Elixir advantage on defense while slowly doing chip damage on offense.


Simply use your own judgement of what is needed in any given scenario but your primary cards for defense are: Ice Wizard, Musketeer, Mega Minion, and Goblins. For the most part the wizard is used to stop any rent threatening pushes like hog, giant, hound, Royal g. From there decide what is the next best card to play. Usually I use the musketeer because her range will keep her out of danger for long enough to take down the tank or lead card. Sometimes the Mega Minion needs to be deployed in behind to deal with support cards. Don’t forget to use Goblins if you think it is safe for them. They also work great at stopping a hog for a positive Elixir trade.


To start throw a Miner right in front of the tower for bare chip damaget. This is a great way to see what your opponent will do to defend against it. Throughout the match I will continue to send him there so my opponent will expect it everything. After using the Miner once or twice throw in Goblins behind him for extra cheap chip damage. If your opponent constant defends the same way you can use the fireball as support or the log. This is as great way to also get the extra spell chip damage on the tower. Another great chip is throwing the fire spirits in there on there own. Lastly, if your cards survive defending a push like the musketeer or me get onion use them as part of your push. Hopefully you defended properly and your opponent will not have the Elixir to entirely stop your counter push and you can deal significant damage.


I know I left out lots of small tips and tricks that regard individual cards and such but those Andre pro tips that don’t pertain to the basics of how this deck works. You will just have to find this out yourself. Speaking of learning though. Do NOT expect this deck to be your ticket to a higher trophy record! I did various testing to find this deck and am still learning myself how to make it work. You will need to expect losses and lots of them before you learn the ins and outs of is deck but I hope it works out for you! As always, if you have any questions regarding this deck or any of my other ones please feel free to reach me in the comments or come see me in my clan, SBSP! Best of luck!

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