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گت بلاگز Guides Clash Royale Clone Spell – Tips and Strategies

The Clone Spell is the new Clash Royale card, which is going to be added in to the game next 2 weeks (December 10th). Let’s take a closer look guys. I am going to show you everything about this card!

Clash Royale Clone Spell

Clash Royale Clone Spell


  • The Clash Royale Clone Spell is unlockable from the Arena 8 (Frozen Peak).
  • This spell clones troops, as stated by its name. However, the cloned troops have very low HP (0HP).

Clash Royale has today released the name of its next card to enter the never-ending fray between red and blue. The Clone Spell is by no means new to Clash lovers. It was, rather unsuccessfully, released in Clash of Clans not long ago but receives very little use due to taking up too much space. However, the Clash Royale Clone Spell looks set to be an entirely different fish altogether.

The below video talks about what the Clone Spell might bring to the game, how best to use it and discusses some of the smaller details not yet widely known about how it will function. It also compares it to the Clash of Clans Clone Spell whilst offering some insights on how it will differ. Additionally, the video shows some footage of the new card released today: The Elite Barbarians. The Card has, so far, proved underwhelming and rather disappointing purely because of the ease in which it can be countered. The prognosis is that we probably won’t be seeing it much after the initial excitement for a new card calms down.

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So let’s take a more in depth look at the Clone Spell and exactly how it will work in Clash Royale. The card itself will clone everything within a small space (3 tile radius), chosen by the player. It will replicate each unit just once (unlike Clash of Clans) and there will be no time limit on how long the clones will live for or on how many units can be cloned.

However, there is one major catch. Every cloned unit will have just 1HP. This means that cards such as zap and log will become even more important in your rotation. They will directly counter the clone and render it almost useless. It also suggests that zap might begin to overtake the log in popularity again given that it will also take out cloned air units.

At this point in time it’s worth reminding you that the clone only costs 3 elixir. That means if you are zapped or logged, you won’t have lost too much in the process.

You cannot clone buildings of any sort (or the graveyard as it is a spell) and obviously it will not work on your own towers.

Cost Radius Type Rarity
3 3 Spell Epic
Level Cloned Common Level Cloned Rare Level Cloned Epic Level Cloned Legendary Level
1 6 4 1 1
2 7 5 2 1
3 8 6 3 1
4 9 7 4 1
5 10 8 5 2
6 11 9 6 3
7 12 10 7 4
8 13 11 8 5


Because of the 1HP factor, the tactics are very simple. It will be fairly useless cloning tanks as they won’t gain much DPS and will die as quickly as any other unit. On the other hand, cloning DPS units will be much more productive. Specifically you want to clone cards such as the Musketeer, Mega Minion, Wizard and Balloon. The latter in particular could be extremely dangerous indeed especially as it is likely to drop a bomb upon death.

This also means that you’ll only want to clone units that are behind a tank to maximize efficiency and damage as well as time up.

One particular tactic that is likely to become common place is a split push being cloned. That way zap or log won’t be able to take out the full benefits. For example, if it was possible to clone the 3 Musketeers on a split push (you’d be hard pressed for elixir but it could be done at opportune moments), you could end up with 4 musketeers on one side and 2 on the other which would be devastating for an opponent.

It’s as yet unclear as to whether troops such as Golems and Lava Hounds that have been cloned will produce Golemites and Lava Pups. The likelihood is that they will but that they too will have reduced life to 1HP. What is clear, is that the death damage will still be the same (When the Golem explodes for example) which will be useful for united such as the Giant Skeleton.

There will also be a possibility to use mirror in conjunction with the clone card – for example, you will be able to clone troops for 3 elixir and then mirror the clone for 4 elixir presenting a potentially lethal situation for an unequipped enemy.

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Final Thoughts:

The most exciting thing about the Clash Royale Clone Spell is that we are guaranteed to see some seriously interesting gameplay with all sorts of potential possibilities. We’ll see cloned air units en masse (think double inferno dragon) and we’ll see cloned Sparkys and Giant Skeletons. There will be immensely powerful split pushes as well. The hope is that this will shake the game and its current metas up a little bit to deliver something a bit new and different. It also won’t be about how “OP” the Clone card is, it will be about how OP the troops being cloned are. So if you use it cleverly, it will be incredibly powerful, but it you use it at a time that is not opportune it will be useless against zaps and logs etc.

There’s plenty to look forward to with this card and after the relative disappointment of the Elite Barbarians, I’m looking forward to seeing what Clash Royale Clone Spell can deliver!

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