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گت بلاگز Deck Building Hog Rider Freeze Cycle Deck – 4400+ Trophies at Level 10

Hey guys, today I am going to show you an easy-to-use but super strong deck, a Hog Rider Freeze Cycle Deck.

My name is -MoonCricket- but people like to call me “Moon”. This fun and consistent deck got me to 4400 trophies at level 10!

Hog Rider Freeze Cycle Deck

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How to push to 4400+ Trophies at Level 10 with Hog Freeze

Hog Rider – This is your win condition card. You will almost always want to use him with Ice Spirit to do the pig push or place him behind the Ice Golem to push it to the Tower faster. I recommend pig-pushing every time because sometimes your opponents misplace the Tombstone or his main defense for your Hog.

Furnace – Furnace is a great card to have in lots of decks. If left alone it can do more damage than a Rocket. This is your only building in the deck, use it wisely for chipping away at the tower or playing defense. Excellent against Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Huts etc. The best place to put is a 2×2 plant in the center of the map, as you can see in the screenshot below:


Mega Minion – If you didn’t know, the Mega Minion is pretty OP and fits in almost every single deck in the meta right now. (It is going to be nerfed soon I believe). It’s your main defensive troop, great against Hog, Miner, Lava Hound and many other cards. I strongly recommend you take a look at this guide for more details: Everything about Mega Minion

Freeze – Freeze doesn’t see much play in Clash Royale but paired up with the hog is super good,  and that’s why I decided to put it in this deck. Don’t use it in every single push because it’s expensive. It’s better if you save it for the last minute because you’ll catch them off guard. You can even use it on defense if necessary but I don’t recommend doing so.

Minion Horde – This card is amazing on both offense and defense. Use it against Hog Rider, Balloon, or any tank and the Minion Horde will shred through it. The only bad thing is Arrows, but it’s still good if the troop you’re trying to take down is distracted.

Ice Spirit – This card bring the most value you can get for 1 Elixir, it’s great on both offense and defense because of its 1.5 freeze duration. Use it to pig push with your Hog Rider, place the Ice Spit in the top corner and quick tap the Hog in the same spot!

Ice Golem – This definitely the best 2 Elixir troop so far in Clash Royale. Normally I use it to push with the Hog but in some scenarios is great for defense, you can kite a card all the way to the other lane by placing him in the top middle of your side. It’s great against the Lavahound because it can distract the pups while the tower kills it or any other card your using.
I almost always use Ice Golem to soak damage for the Hog Rider since he kills all of the defensive Skeletons upon death, brings Goblins and Minions to very low HP, making Zap can 1 shot them.

The Log pushes back everything on the ground. Excellent against Princess, Goblins and Skeleton Army. When your Hog Rider is about to hit the Tombstone, quickly use your The Log so it will take out the Tombstone and every single Skeleton left. A well placed The Log sometimes helps me win the whole match. I strongly recommend you take a look at here for more tips on using it!

General Gameplan

You may want to keep chipping away at the Tower with your Hog and Furnace most of the time.

Main push – Ice Golem + Hog + Mega Minion. The Golem will take all of the damage and kills nearby Skeletons upon death. If you have a wave of Fire Spirit and a Mega Minion on top, make sure you freeze the Tower when he plays the defensive building and his defensive troops.

Hog Furnace – If you have the Furnace and Hog in your starting hand, place the Furnace and place the Hog after in the corner and you will get at least 2 shots unless he puts Barbarians down and Log the Hog.

Its great against every single deck in the meta right now

Hog Cycle Decks – You want to distract Hog with Furnace and use Mega Minion or the Horde to kill him, use Log and Ice Spirit if your opponent is coming in hard. On offense you want to keep the pressure up, I mainly push against the side their attacking.

Golem/Giant Decks – When they place the Golem/Giant you have to immediately drop your Hog on the other lane to punish him and force him to spend lots of Elixir on defense. Distract golem/giant with furnace and the supporting troops try to distract them with the ice golem and kill them with the mega minion or the horde.

Lavahound Decks – Do the same thing as you would do against Golem decks. When they place the Lava Hound wait till the Lavahound is about to cross their tower and put your hog in the other lane. The only difference is on defense, If they don’t have Arrows, place the Minion Horde to kill the Lavahound. Distract the Lavahound with Furnace. If your opponents have Arrows/Fireball, use Mega Minion!

Bait Decks – You want to keep the pressure all the time. Save your Log to deal with Goblin Barrel exclusively. For Skeleton Army and Minion Horde use either Furnace or Ice Golem. For Princess you want to wait for her to be at the bridge and kill her with your Mega minion.

Graveyard – You want to kill the tank and save your minion horde for the Graveyard. If they have Arrows use the horde anyway because they will take out a lot of the Skeletons before getting killed (remember that The Log has 1.5s load time). Ice Golem is also not a bad choice to deal with Graveyard!

Siege Decks: Place Furnace to distract or use Ice Golem and put the Mega Minion and Ice Spirit to kill it. Minion Horde is a good option too.


 Tips for using this deck

  • Don’t use Freeze before your opponent drops his defensive troops.
  • Try to hide your Freeze until the last minute.
  • Don’t hesitate to use your Freeze to defend!
  • Barbarians are the best counter to this deck. If your opponent uses them offensively, kill them use everything you have to launch a Hog Rider Freeze push!
  • It’s okay do take damage If you know you can do a lot of more damage in the counterpush.
  • Place down the Furnace at the beginning is recommended. Otherwise you can place the Ice Golem at the back.

Okay so that’s everything I want to share with you guys about this deck. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help or If you have any suggestion! Also, please share this with your friends If you like this deck!

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