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گت بلاگز Deck Building Strong and Consistent Golem Double Elixir Deck

Hi all, Galbers Gaming here bringing to you a deck that does consistently well in the latest Clash Royale’s Double Elixir Challenge.

The first two deck iterations bringing back seven and eight wins and eleven wins using the final deck version. A couple of mistakes including using Lightning on a Skeleton Army (instead of Zap) most likely cost me the twelve wins.


The deck consists of:

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale LightningClash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale Inferno Tower
Clash Royale ArchersClash Royale ZapClash Royale The LongClash Royale Ice Spirit

Golem Double Elixir Deck

Baby Dragon and Archers may look weird to some but these two units are difficult to remove from the field, archers cannot be Logged or Arrowed and BabyDragon survives Lightning so with these behind the Golem damage is inevitable. The winner of the most recent King’s Cup actually used this very combination to great effect and success! Zap, Log and Ice Spirit are great cards to delay and get chip damage off but probably the best thing about using these cards is that it allows you to cycle through your deck due to their cheapness, this alongside double elixir throughout the match allows the expensive Inferno Tower, Lightning and Golem to be in this deck.

Starting Hand

This is a great deck but it’s weakness is it’s starting hand. You really want to have Golem in your starting hand as your Golem push sets the tone and allows you to dictate the match. When it’s not in your hand you have to be patient, don’t over commit your Elixir and be prepared to take some damage to a tower. Once you get your Golem rotation up and “running” (crawling more appropriate) the game will swing to your advantage. Also be cautious of using Lightning to start the game off, obviously if there is value to be won then take it, for example it would be annoying to lightning an Elixir Collector (unlikely to be in this Challenge) and then the opponent on seeing this immediately plops down Three Musketeers.

On the Offensive

  • The aim here is on maximum Elixir to drop down your Golem and have the big fella backed up with Archers and Baby Dragon in Support. Throw down the Ice Spirit and either the Log or Zap (or other card) and you can repeat this push again – once you used five cards you have cycled back round to the first card which you used, in this case the Golem. This push is very difficult to deal with and is the reason why this deck is successful. You want to use Lightning whenever there is value to be gained or to counter a certain push, Three Musketeers or Mega Minion, Wizard and other for example.
  • If the opponent is using the Inferno Tower I would use Lightning if the opponent adds a bit more value to the field or if the game is coming to a close – Lightning will essentially nullify the Inferno Tower with the reset and the damage done to it. If you saved your Lightning the death of the Golem in conjunction with your supporting units will allow you take down the Inferno Tower and get some damage off onto the opponent’s Tower.
  • Against Spawner decks push against them. Try not to split damage between two towers, this can get you into trouble, I found this out the hard way when going for win number twelve 🙁

On Defense

  • Against Sparky a Lightning and Log combination will kill it. But don’t hurriedly use this combination wait a while to maximise Elixir trade value.
  • Against high hit point units (tanks) such as Lava Hound, Pekka etc, use the Inferno Tower (versus Lava Hound make sure you place it correctly, closer to your Tower than against ground tanks), ‘nuff said!
  • Against Hog Rider, this one is difficult as you don’t really have an effective means to deal with this. You can minimise the damage using Archers and Ice Spirit but you have to bear in mind that these cards you want to use in your push, and be wary of a fireball hitting your archers where there is a Hog Rider there is often a Fireball too. Versus Hog Rider decks expect to be behind in the first thirty seconds of the game but once your push gets going the balance will turn in your favor once the opponent redirects their attention to your Golem push.
  • Against Minion Horde you have a number of ways to deal with it, in no particular order: Zap, Ice Spirit, Baby Dragon, Archers and even the Golem when used defensively, it’s death damage will kill the minions allowing you to counter push behind the Golemites, the first replay I show in the video attached to this article highlights the different ways to deal with the Minion Horde.
  • Don’t be afraid to use Zap, Log and Ice Spirit, this will allow you to cycle through your deck, damage units and delay the opponent’s units.
  • Use Lightning to gain value and to stop the opponent being able to build up the perfect troop push combination.



If Golem is not in your hand to begin with, chill and don’t be afraid, you may receive damage on your tower, you may be behind but when you are eventually able to get the Golem down and as the game progresses your push will swing the tide of the match to your favor.

Use Lightning intelligently and effectively. Lightning to just kill one unit and get some tower damage should only be done nearer the end of the match.

Quoting what I have already said above: “Don’t be afraid to use Zap, Log and Ice Spirit, this will allow you to cycle through your deck, damage and delay the opponent’s units.”

Keep the Golem push going, when your back on full Elixir with Golem in hand, get it down!


Give this deck a go, it’s very consistent, effective and pretty easy to use. Hope it works for you, let me know how it goes or what successful deck syou are using so that I may give them ago and potential if I have time do a video on that!

Have a good weekend,


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