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گت بلاگز Arena 5 How to Counter the Inferno Tower!

Hi guys , It’s Unstoppable and I’m here with a guide on how to counter Inferno Tower. I’ve heard a lot that it is OP and I will show why it isn’t, why it’s totally okay and also how to counter it.

Inferno Tower Clash Royale

How to counter Inferno Tower

In a long history of balance changes, defensive buildings are being nerfed like crazy. The Cannon was nerfed to oblivion. So was the Tesla. Look at the Mortar now. The Bomb Tower as well. The only defensive buildings used now include the X-bow (more of an offensive building), Inferno Tower, and Tombstone.

The best tank killers in the game are the Mini P.E.K.K.A, Lumberjack, Inferno Tower, Tombstone and Mega Minion. As we all know Mega Minion is OP and will be nerfed soon. It is fragile and shot down by musketeer or killed by another mega minion. Lumberjack is far too fragile. Mini P.E.K.K.A is easily distracted by Tombstone. What do we have left? Only our trusty Inferno Tower!

The reason IT users use it isn’t because it’s OP, it is because its the last reliable defense building that has not been nerfed to oblivion yet!!! So seriously, don’t nerf Inferno Tower. Supercell!

As an Inferno Tower user myself who has lost quite a few times to tank decks, I will give a few tips to all the Giant or Golem or Lava Hound users.

  1. Zap + Tombstone.  Run a Tombstone in your deck. Most of the time the IT will target the Skeletons first unless Skeletons are killed first.
    When it targets the Giant, most likely the IT user’s tower is as well. Thus Skeletons will start spawning behind the Giant or Golem and since they are faster they will reach the IT first. Then zap the IT and the IT will retarget the Skeletons.
  2. Lightning: Most of the time there will be IT and another unit shooting the Giant, lets say Wizard or Mega minion. Lightning the tower, IT, and Mega Minion for a huge positive Elixir trade, and extra damage to the crown tower!
  3. Witch + Giant  : This is not so good in the Legendary Arena, much better in lower arenas however. Most legendary players run Lightning so they will lightning the Witch easily.
  4. Minions/Minion Horde down center. While using your Giant, try it early in the game to check what your opponent’s defense is. If they are using IT, simply run Minions down the center. Often players will place the IT down before the Giant is in range, and then the Minions will distract the IT for a long time and force the opponent to spend extra Elixir countering the Minions.
  5. Graveyard: This one’s a biggy. If you have it, use it with your Golem or Lava hound. Place the Graveyard down as soon as the opponent tower targets the tank. if the IT is already targeting your tank, place graveyard down then zap the IT. It will target the skeletons now.
  6. Best way to defeat IT: Royal Giant + Giant Skeleton! I am in the 4100 trophy range and I have seen some crazy players who have utterly destroyed my Inferno Tower. One of these players uses a pretty crazy deck: The Royal Giant + Giant Skeleton. The idea is to use the Giant Skeleton first to bait out a defensive building in the early game. During double elixer, pretend that you are going for a big tank push with Giant Skeleton all the way behind the crown tower. As he walks to the front, place the royal giant behind him. Your opponent will not be able to counter the Royal Giant directly. The Giant Skeleton’s bomb will take care of Minion Horde, Barbarians, Skeleton army, etc. Defensive buildings will be mauled by the Royal Giant. This is a great way to defeat the Inferno Tower!

Hopefully after reading this post, you can find a few good ways to counter the Inferno Tower.

Cheers and clash on!

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