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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Golem Furnace Deck for Arena 8 and 9

Hey guys! It’s Young Money here with my first deck guide on ClashRoyaleArena.

Today I’m going to show you a very versatile and unique deck, which utilizes the Golem as the main offense. Currently, I am at the 4300 Trophy mark, and have been hovering around here for a while. I was stuck in Arena 8 for about a month. I messed around with some Hog cycle decks, as well as the popular Giant Poison (until it was nerfed). After the Golem buff, I started experimenting with deck combos and certain cards. Now, I have a solid deck that consistently gets 2 crowns, or even better.

golem furnace deck

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Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale ZapClash Royale KnightClash Royale Archers

Golem Furnace Lighting Deck for Arena 8+

Ice Spirit – Very useful and provides support both offensively and defensively. Costing only 1 Elixir allows it to be very good on defense, as it freezes the enemy troop(s) for 1.5 seconds after the nerf. Also, paired with the right cards on offense can help aid your push for a crown tower.

Knight – This card only costs 3 Elixir and is a beast. It has a huge amount of HP for such a low costing card. Personally, I mostly use him for defensive purposes, but he can be used behind your Golem for support. For example, I place the knight in the middle of my side to distract a incoming prince.

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Mega Minion – This is a fairly new card that was released by Supercell. At the start, I thought he was very useless, but after using him a lot, he is actually a necessary card in this deck. At lv 7 he does 219 damage per second, which is a huge amount. He can quickly do around 600 damage to the tower if left unattended. I would advise to utilize him with your pushes behind the Golem. However, he is also a very strong card on defense against Princesses, Hogs, Princes, Etc.

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Lightning – You might see this card hovering in decks everywhere. This card is really overly used and that is for a reason. Although, the fact that it costs 6 Elixir might convince you not to use it, let me tell you this card is one of the best in the game. What is very strong about this spell, is that it targets 3 cards in it’s radius, not just one. Therefore, even if the enemy tries to place the Inferno Tower (Bomb Tower, Tombstone, etc) out of range, so Fireballs and Rockets can’t hit it, the Lightning has a 3.5 radius, so it can take out opposing buildings as well as enemy troops.

Archers – These two pink colored hair archers, are not to be underestimated. They target both air and ground units, and can survive arrows and Zap cards (if they are the appropriate level). Similar to the Mega Minion, it’s main role is to support pushes, but can also be helpful on defense against Minion Hordes or Minions.

Furnace – Currently, I am infatuated with this card. It is extremely beneficial because it’s lifetime is 50 seconds allowing it to get a lot of chip damage if the Fire Spirits are left unattended on the tower. I tend to place this building in the middle of my side, leaning toward the side I am attacking. This is so it can distract enemy troops that target buildings, giving you time to develop a strong defense.

Zap – I would be willing to bet that this card is in 90% of decks in Clash Royale at the moment. The fact that it only costs 2 Elixir and can stun enemies is amazing. It is very useful for resetting Sparkys, Inferno Towers, Inferno Dragons, Royale Giants, etc. You must be very precise with how you use this card, as many players are using Bait decks, which is why you must see what type of deck your opponent has before, playing your Zap in a situation.

Golem – Finally, the last card is the OG Golem. Despite, the cost being 8 Elixir (I wish it was 7!), this card caught my attention immediately after the update and buff. It contains the most hitpoints in the game and has a very slow moving speed. This allows you to gain back Elixir to put down your supporting troops behind your Golem. I use this card at the 1 min mark usually, but if your opponent is low on Elixir, you can use it then. But, always make sure you can back up your push, or else it is wasted.

Strong Against

Lava Hound Decks – Play your Furnace to distract the Lava Hound, then use Archers and Mega Minion to take out the Lava Hound with ease. You can play the Lightning if he plays a Inferno Dragon and (or) Mega Minion behind, to gain an extreme Elixir trade.

Royale Giant Decks – Again, use your Furnace to take damage, and to distract your attacker. Use the Knight and Mega Minion to deal with the Royale Giant and (or) other supporting troops.

Hog Decks – Also, use your Furnace as a distraction and use ice spirit to freeze the hog, while playing a defensive card, such as the Knight or Archers.

Weak Against

Miner Bait Decks- Always use your Zap at the right moments. I have played many players with these decks, but I usually end up winning at the last minute or tying. Very rarely, will you lose, if you utilize your Zap in the right situations. You can always use your archers or Mega Minion when there is oncoming air troops instead of the Zap.

Golem Decks- Many other players are using these Golem decks as well. So, I usually end up tying or only getting a 1 crown against these players. This is simply because there defense is too strong.


Overall, this deck is a strong counter to many decks in the game, and can win against almost every deck. It really relies on patience and controlling the battle field, until the last minute of the battle. That is when you strike and when you have your push going, you can easily dismantle any opponent. That’s all for today! Feel free to give me some advice, as well as ask questions in the comments below! Peace out guys.

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