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گت بلاگز Arena 8 The Ultimate Meta Deck – Giant Bowler Lightning (No Legendary)

At any given time, Clash Royale has a couple of Meta Decks which are made up of cards that are the most popular due to them being slightly more powerful than other decks. The popular cry is that these cards are “OP” but this is rarely the case. The simple truth is that in a game like Clash Royale, cards can never be completely equal given the many millions of combinations that can be utilized. Thus, there will always be favorites and combinations that work slightly better than others until the next update changes that and introduces something else.


Giant Bowler Lightning: No Legendary Version

The question is – what current Meta deck is the most powerful? To find out, I’ve looked through the top 100 players’ decks to see what is most commonly used. A couple of cards stand out above the rest and the deck that seems to still dominate as the Meta of all Metas is the Giant Bowler Deck. The Giant has of course been nerfed twice in a row in recent updates but it is still proving to be an excellent card with brilliant tanking capabilities and high damage output all for a very competitive price.

The deck I’m referring to is as follows:

 Clash Royale GiantClash Royale BowlerClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Mega Minion
Clash Royale TombstoneClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale ZapClash Royale Lightning

I’ve purposefully included no Legendary cards in this deck but one of the cards that is most prominent in the current meta is the log – if you do have that, replace the arrows with it for even better results. So let’s talk through each of the cards and why it belongs in this king of Meta decks.

Giant – The Giant has long belonged in meta decks, as mentioned above, it has brilliant tanking abilities and also deals very good damage should it reach the enemy tower. It walks slowly which means placing it at the back gives you time to group up other units behind it effectively. Most of all, it only costs 5 elixir which considering what it offers is incredibly cheap.

Bowler – The Bowler is a fairly recent card that’s enjoyed huge success. Not only does it have a decent amount of life but it deals heavy damage to troops in front of it. Most crucially its push back effect means that when behind a unit such as a Giant it can prolong the life of both cards making them an incredibly dangerous pairing.

Musketeer – The musketeer is one of the best utility cards in the game. It’s both powerful in defense and attack with rapid fire, heavy hitting shots that take down both air and ground troops. The unit will help guard against air attacks and if left untouched can cause serious damage.

Mega Minion – Another recent addition to Clash Royale, the Mega Minion can be found in a very high percentage of the top players’ decks. It isn’t easily killed behind a tank and it deals awesome damage that can be absolutely devastating after only a few seconds.

Tombstone – In my opinion the Tombstone is the most interesting of all the buildings – it’s extremely useful against aggressive troops such as the hog and the giant and can also build up a useful attack if placed behind a push. The card costs just 3 elixir and has do many different uses it’s hard to think of a reason not to have it in your deck.

Arrows/Log – If you don’t have the log, the arrows counter mass units (especially skeleton army which is popular in another current meta) as well as units such as the princess which can be tricky to deal with. If you do have the log then this card, like the bowler, can be very useful with its push back ability (resetting the firing of towers, defensive buildings and units such as sparky) but it also wipes out all goblins and other low health troops making is brilliant to place behind your giant when pushing.

Zap – Zap has belonged to the metas since the beginning of time. Useful in so many ways defensively and at such a low cost, this card is the direct counter to many units including, goblins, goblin barrel, sparky, inferno tower & dragon etc. It is highly beneficial to almost any deck.

Lightning – Lightening spell is perhaps the most controversial spell in this deck but it has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity. With the difficulty in range that the rocket has, the lightening spell is safer to taken down troublesome troops such as the three musketeers. Against the right combos it can help you win the game and of course gives you bonus damage on enemy buildings if you need that final push.

For more details and a look at the deck in action, watch the video below which includes commentary on how to play this deck and why it is currently the Meta King. If you haven’t tried it before, let us know how you get on in the comments.

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