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گت بلاگز Deck Building Stuck in Arena 8? Try this F2P Mortar Rocket Deck!

Hello, my name is RYAN from INDO_ELITS. I’m a F2P level 9 player, currently in Legendary Arena. Today I’m going to show you my deck which recently got me here. It’s a Mortar Cycle deck with no Legendaries and only 1 Epic. Sounds attractive?

Mortar Rocket Deck

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale RocketClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Ice Spirit
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale Skeleton Army

Mortar Rocket F2P Deck for Arena 8+

Mortar: obviously you need a Mortar for a Mortar deck. This is you primary offensive weapon, that’s why this deck is built to cycle to the Mortar quickly. You would want to place the Mortar 1 tile behind the bridge and 1 tile to the right. Generally if you have Mortar in your starting hand u want to place it down first, but this is a risky strategy if they are playing a Hog deck. They would push with a Hog on the other lane. If they do this you have to counter it with either your Inferno tower or Skeleton Army.

Rocket: this is your secondary win condition. You can use the Rocket to finish off towers, destroy pushes, kill troops behind towers. don’t be greedy with the Rocket because it is an expensive card. If you don’t have Mortar in your hand and u have 10 Elixir, can Rocket the tower under 2 circumstances, that is if your opponent doesn’t have pumps or 3 Musketeers and if you have Inferno tower and cheap troops in your hand. You can find more tips on using Rockets here.

Ice Spirit: one of the best card in the game now, even after the nerf it is still a very versatile card. In this deck I usually use the Ice Spirit to support my Mortar and to stop pushes. If you have Ice Spirit and Mortar in your starting hand , place your Ice Spirit behind the tower and then place your Mortar after the Elixir bar reaches 10. This ensures that if your opponent decides to counter your Mortar it will be frozen and you will have enough time to react with your other cards. This card is really useful to counter many cards, check out orange juice’s video about Ice Spirits!

Ice Golem: a very useful card. You can use this card to defend your Mortar, counter pushes, kite units, etc. Combined with Ice Spirit and Inferno, they can stop almost every push. If you have the Ice Golem and Mortar and Mortar in your starting hand, place your Ice Golem in front of your Arena Tower and the place your Mortar (of course after your Elixir bar reaches 10). The Ice Golem can also counter Lava Pups. Place your Ice Golem under the Lava Hound just before it pops, if you time it correctly, all the Lava Pups will target the Ice Golem. my Ice Golem is currently level 5, because the Ice Golem recently came out and I didn’t buy the pack in the shop. don’t worry if your Ice Golem is under leveled. It can still help out if it is at least level 4 or 5. Here is a guide to the Ice Golem.

Skeleton Army: before the update nobody uses the Skeleton Army. Now, after the update this card is really getting attention. Almost everybody is using it. It is found in the training camp so probably all of you have a decent leveled one. It’s useful for stopping pushes and if needed defend your Mortar (against ground single targets of course!). It is also useful for countering other Skeleton Armies. Again Skeleton Army levels don’t really matter because of the sheer amount of Skeletons.

Zap: the best card in the game, a very useful card in both offense and defense. I prefer Zap than log because it can target air units and stun them, which is really useful for clutch moments, and also I don’t have The Log 😂😂. But as you can’t tell from the title this deck is meant to be F2P and no Legendaries. But if you have The Log then go ahead and switch it with Zap. Either way would work great.

Inferno Tower: Probably the best defensive building of the current meta. It can counter the Giant, Golem, Royal Giant(which is making a comeback recently, Lava Hound, Hog, basically almost every heavy hitting card in the game. Usually I see people placing their Inferno in front of the Mortar to protect it, personally I don’t like the position because if your opponent counters the Inferno and set up your counter push then you’re basically screwed. The best placement for the Inferno to counter Giant pushes is 4 tiles from the river and 2 tiles from the tower. This is to avoid damage from support units behind the Giant. U can use this for Golems too. For Hog you can do the regular 4 tiles from the river and 3 tiles from the tower. For Lava Hound and Balloons you should do a 4,1 placement. It means 4 tiles from the river and 1 tile from the tower. This ensures the Lava Hound or balloon gets pulled.

Spear Goblins: A versatile card and very useful for only 2 Elixir. You can use this card to deal chip damage to the tower, defend your Mortar, distract, finish of low health Princess and Minions, help to defend against pushes, etc. If you have the Princess/ ice wizard you can switch them with the Spear Goblins. Mega minion also suits this deck, so you can switch the Spear Goblins with the Mega Minion.

General Gameplan

The basic game plan is to set up the Mortar to deal chip damage, defend the Mortar, counter opponent’s pushes, set up another Mortar, and the cycle continues. After that you can finish off the tower with the Rocket if your Mortar doesn’t finish off the tower. If you have the Mortar in your starting hand you would want to set it up right away.

But to be safe, place down your Ice Spirit/Ice Golem first in case they decided to push. If the didn’t push the place down your Mortar. Just 1 Mortar hit to the tower is good because it is a Mortar chip deck. Double Elixir time is your best friend because you can cycle to your Mortar faster and make your opponent panic because there is no end to the Mortar.

If your opponent counters your Mortar really well or if he keeps attacking you and you can’t place down your Mortar then use plan B. Yes there is a plan B. Plan A is using the Mortar to destroy the tower, plan B is if your Mortar can’t finish of the tower, you will start Rocket cycling generally after defending against pushes. This deck is also good for tournaments/challenges because the overtime is 3 minutes. You can cycle to your Rocket without worrying about the time running out.

One of the worst enemies of the Mortar is the Bowler. It can rekt your Mortar and also your supporting units. But, because this is a cycle deck you can cycle to your Mortar faster than he could cycle to his Bowler. Lava Hound Lightning deck is very difficult to play against if your opponent is good at the deck. They can Lightning your Inferno and Mortar. If that is the case then you would want to play aggressively with your Mortar to bait out the Lightning, or you could play for a draw.

Final words: This is a cheap Mortar cycle deck and can really rekt your opponents if played right. Again you can switch out some cards with Legendaries or other cards. I wish all of you success with this deck! Peace out!

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