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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Giant Rocket Deck Free-to-Play Deck for Arena 8+

Hey guys, I’ve recently been playing with a Giant Rocket deck in Arena 9 to test out its capabilities. It’s a pretty strong deck which is very easy to use due to its mostly defensive capabilities. There’s nothing particularly clever or sneaky about this deck, it simply utilises slow damage and its excellent defensive potential to grind a win. Before we talk further about the deck – watch the two replays in the following video. The commentary provides a guide on how to best use these cards:

Giant Rocket Deck

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale RocketClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Arrows
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Ice Spirit

Giant Rocket F2P Deck for Arena 8+

So as you can see, the central units to this deck are the Giant and the Rocket. The Giant acts as a tank and starts from behind your towers so that you can work up troops with it before it gets to the middle, it will also help bunch up enemy troops if you become under pressure that you can then use your Rocket on. Despite recent nerfs, the Giant continues to be a strong card in Clash Royale and as such is great if and when it manages to reach an enemy tower. If it gets a couple of shots off, there’s some pretty big damage which is ideal.

The Rocket also has a couple of functions. It can firstly be used as a defensive card – if you are becoming overwhelmed, bunch the enemy troops up and release the Rocket for a complete wipe of enemy units. However, the preferred way to use the Rocket is on the enemy tower in conjunction with another expensive card. You can see in the video above that I use it on the tower with an enemy Witch and also an enemy Bowler. It may not kill some of the units with more life but it will do a pretty good job leaving them easy to finish off. The damage that the Rocket applies to the enemy tower can actually solely take it down by the end of a game so it is worth trying to using it wisely.

The biggest decision you’ll have to make in this deck is when to use the Rocket – make sure you don’t waste it and also refrain from using it on enemy troops such as Giants, Golems or Lava Hounds as they have too much health to make it worthwhile. You’ll notice against the air deck that I never target the lava hound as the hound is only dangerous once it pops so you can pretty much ignore it till then.

The deck I use is as follows:

Now for where I currently am at with trophies (around 3300) my troops are probably quite high but that is due to me dropping by playing around with lots of different decks for content ideas. This does NOT mean you need to have the same level troops as me for this deck to be useful. There are two points to this: Firstly, the deck contains no legendary cards which means it should be accessible to pretty much anyone who wants to try it out. Secondly, the important units in this deck aren’t that reliant on level – both giant and rocket will work extremely well at lower levels as well. The only card here which does matter level wise is zap as you want to make sure it is around the same level as enemy Goblins etc. otherwise it becomes a little bit useless. So to repeat, this deck CAN be used at all levels.

You’ll notice that all the cards, with the exception of the Giant and the rocket are very low cost cards which allows this deck to average out at just 3.1 Elixir – this is so you can cycle through cards and get as many giants out as possible whilst also nearly always having your Rocket ready to use defensively. Cards like the ice spirit, goblins and minions are extremely useful in defense, especially when placed directly behind the Giant.

The reason I’ve opted to use both the Minions and the Mega Minion is because in the current meta we are seeing huge amounts of people playing with the Log and that is very nasty against ground units so, with the exception of the Goblins, I’ve opted for the air units instead.

Let me know if you have any questions at all and as always thank you for taking the time to read this – I hope it’s useful as an easy-to-play deck and if you did enjoy it, please don’t forget to subscribe to Chucky’s channel for more decks and strategy in Clash Royale & Clash of Clans.

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