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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Graveyard Cycle Deck for Arena 8+

Hey guys! My name is icantthinkofnamehelp and I usually make card ideas, but today I tried something a little different. I recently got the Graveyard from a Crown Chest (lucky, I know) and can say this card is very high risk high reward. Honestly my favorite card in the game, and it looks so cool! I don’t have any card ideas ready this month, but I do have a deck idea! I’ve used this card in multiple challenges, watching the replays with the deck, trying to see what I did wrong. If I notice something like “Oh this card isn’t needed” When watching it, I replaced it for something better. Of course, this isn’t perfect so feel free to suggest replacements for cards. But I hope you enjoy!


Clash Royale MinerClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale ZapClash Royale Ice Golem
Clash Royale fireballClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Goblin

Graveyard Cycle Deck

Miner: This is the guy that tanks for your troops, and your other cycle cards. This guy is REALLY USEFUL for tanking for your Graveyard, and the “Grave Digger” combo is extremely deadly. “But I don’t have the Miner! Can I still use this deck?” Sure you can! The only reason I put Miner is because the ability to travel anywhere (easy tanking for Graveyard) and 3 Elixir. (this is a cycle deck after all) But there are plenty of replacements! The best replacement would have to be the Freeze. Combination name: The Glaciated Grave! Or maybe Hog Rider, Combination name: THE GRAVERIDER!

Graveyard: Your main way of destroying towers. Easily one of the most destructive cards in the game. This card can even take a tower by itself! Keep cycling to this card and your tank to deal MASSIVE damage together. “But I don’t have the Graveyard! Can I still use this-” No. Just go home already. Find another deck. But seriously, Graveyard is really unique and powerful. Maybe the Skeleton Army? Or Goblin Barrel? But anyways, you really want to cycle to this card and your tank so you can take towers easily.

Zap: One of the most used cards in the game, and for a good reason. REALLY VERSATILE! You probably know that goblins can HARD COUNTER the Graveyard, making it obsolete for only 2 Elixir. Carrying Zap makes the goblins obsolete. Whenever you see those pesky goblins countering your Graveyard, Zap em at first sight! If you’re like me, you hate Minions and hate not being able to Zap em. You can just use arrows, the only reason I put Zap is because easy cycling.

Ice Golem: Originally I thought Ice Spirit would be best. But then… I remembered this beastly mini tank, for only 2 Elixir! He can tank for your Graveyard, and can be really nice on offense. Use him for cycling and tanking for your Graveyard. He can even be used to take out skeleton army, minions and all that! Very good troop, and a nice little extra backup tank for your graveyard and other troops. A nice little thing you can do is use your Goblins to push the Ice Golem faster. Really versatile and nice. Take a look at here to read more about the Ice Golem!

Fireball: This is your support for your Graveyard. “But we already have Zap for support!” I know, I know. But this is for those pesky barbarians. If you know anything about math, Zap cannot kill barbarians. “Fireball can’t either!” That’s why you combine it with Zap whenever you see pesky Barbarians. And that’s not all. Fireball + Zap can kill Witches, Musketeers 3 Musketeers, Wizardss and Ice Wizardss. Fireball + Arrows/High Leveled Zap can kill Valkyries. Fireball just alone can kill Minion Horde. Great support card.

Inferno Tower: My god, this card is amazing! Great card on defense, and really tanky. “But it’s getting nerfed!” I still recommend it. Combine this card with Graveyard and you got an amazing defense that can shut down tons of big pushes. Use this card on just defense. This card is amazing on it’s own too. When someone has a tank, Inferno Tower. Great card on other things too. Let’s say you don’t have Minions and the Valkyrie is heading toward your tower. Inferno Tower it. Mainly a defense card.

Minions: Great card on offense AND on defense! Use this card with Miner tanking for your tower and it can WRECK towers! When someone has a strong, melee troop heading toward your tower just use Minions. Can deal extreme amounts of damage, and a nice card. An amazing bonus is that if Zap and Minions are equal level, you can’t Zap it! Use this for offense and your defense.

Goblins: Last, but not least! Goblins, a great card on defense and offense. Nice and versatile, similar to Minions. These can distract troops with no area damage if you don’t have that inferno ready. Unlike Minions, these can unfortunately be Zapped. Use these to surround troops, like Musketeers, princes, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and even a Wizards if you do it right! On offense, combine it with your Miner and deal massive damage. Try to overlevel these green monsters, because Overleved Goblins + Miner = Good Game! Amazing card. Now onto the the next category….

General Gameplan

Strategy: The strategy for this deck is, well, as the name implies, cycle to your Graveyard and your tank! For this at the beginning of a match, what I usually do if I have my tank and my Graveyard, I just go with it. Right now, people are still figuring out how to counter it. So surprise them with your luck, and wreck their tower. Of course, some people watched Yarn’s video on how to counter it, (Curse you, orange juice!) so it will become more of a risky play. But even if they are prepared, this deck counters all the things that make Graveyard obsolete! If you play this deck right, then Graveyard can easily take a tower. For example though, Zap kills goblins, fireball + Zap kills barbarians! But the main strategy is to cycle to the cards you need. You can’t just send a Graveyard alone. Well maybe now cause people don’t know how to counter it, but later on people will just get used to it. Similar to Sparky, in how she is feared when you first see her, but when you calm down and get used to it, the opponent will have wasted 6 Elixir. But you need your tank and your support spells. Like I said earlier, people don’t know how to counter it, so maybe a tank plus Graveyard could work. However, in testing this deck in challenges, I saw some players that could counter it very well. So just in case they are one of those good players, always bring your support spells. But with Graveyard, you really need to BE CAREFUL. One slip up and you could activate the king tower. So make sure you don’t try to quick play it. Practice first if you want to be able to do that, like I did.

DECIDE YOUR POSITION: Grow up. For Miner it’s just so much simpler. He can go 4 positions, and only 2 actually work. Grow up. For Graveyard, cause of it’s bigger radius, SO MANY POSITIONS. Grow up. So I recommend watching OJ’s video and deciding on what position to use. Stick to 2 or 3 positions, cause you want to be unpredictable. GROW UP. Oh not you, I mean myself. And it always feels good when you take destroy their tower. Heheh, I think I really need to grow up. Or grope up! Ahahahah. I’m not funny. Enough with the dirty jokes that are going to get me downvotes. Please no. I spent 100 gems on challenges to test this deck. Seriously, decide on 2 or 3. Deciding on one can be fine, but you don’t always know that. Switch between your positions randomly, and you can disorient your opponent.

PRACTICE: Practice makes perfect. Practice everything you want. Because with Graveyard, you don’t want to go into a battle knowing nothing, you will probably lose. Practice in the training match. Have time to practice with it and develop strategies. When you think you can go into a match, do it. When you lose, look back on your replays, to see what you did wrong. DEFENSE: Graveyard…Isn’t that good on defense unfortunately. It can be, but when you place it the first skeleton spawns after 2 seconds. Not very good as a reactive card. However, it can be a complete god on defense combined with the tank killer, Inferno Tower. It can completely shut down tanks and big pushes. HOWEVER, keep in mind Graveyard + Inferno Tower = 10 Elixir. So only use this combo on things you don’t think you can stop with either Inferno Tower or Graveyard without receiving lethal damage. Only use this combo on big pushes that are worth more than 10 Elixir, or you think you can’t stop. A good example of this is P.E.K.K.A Double Prince. 16 Elixir, and can shut down it completely. When a very close match is ending, you can use the defensive combo to serve as a distraction. Even Graveyard alone if they don’t have a buildings only troop.

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