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گت بلاگز Tips Create Elixir Advantage and Pain with Goblin Hut

Goblin Hut is one of the most underused cards in Clash Royale as most players put it in Spawner deck. I am not saying that Spawner Decks are all bad. I faced some great Hut Decks in Arena 9 but truly the current meta game is not for them. Also, you don’t have to always put the Goblin Hut in Spawner Decks. This card is absolutely viable in other decks.


How to create Pain and Elixir Advantage with Goblin Hut

Want to see your opponents groan as they are using the Prince on a lane where your Spear Goblins running down every 2 seconds? Want to deal with Lava Hound much easier? Want to make the opposing Sparky going off all the time? Want to make your opponent panic and dealing with the annoying sounds the entire game? Give the Goblin Hut a chance!

Why you should use the Goblin Hut:

  • To chip down your opponent’s Tower and his soul.
  • To shop Princes and Sparky.
  • To deal with air threats passively.
  • To add extra power to the counterpush.
  • To build the passive Elixir advantage.
  • To control the pace of the game.
  • To soak damage in emergency defense.

But my Goblin Hut is underlevel!

No worries! I believe that the Goblin Hut is one of the least level-dependent cards in the game. Spear Goblin always gets 1 hit to the Tower.

If it’s so good, what do I take out for it?

Use the Goblin Hut as the win condition’s support.

I switch the XXX for the Goblin Hut, how do I use it?

In this regard, it is very similar to the pre-nerf Elixir Collector. Place it in front of your King’s Tower and towards the lane you want to push. The best way to defend a lane with your Goblin Hut is to already have the Hut ready there in the first place. Spear Goblins aren’t magical so make sure to defend as normal.

On offense, Goblin Hut works very well with control decks. Spear Goblins are neat on defense. They can build up an annoying horde in seconds for the counterpush. In addition, you don’t need to spend any Elixir for the Zap bait.

But I don’t like the Spear Goblin’s annoying sounds

Neither your opponent. So deal with it, or mute the game!


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