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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Mortar Rocket Deck for Arena 9+

Hello guys I am theTRUTHvxv from Slaughter House and today I am going to give you my stunning Mortar Miner Rocket deck which got me to 3700+ trophies so far!
There are multiple avenues to take depending on the enemy’s composition to gain the upper hand. It is primarily a one-Tower game or draw; therefore, this deck is for committed players willing to claw their way up the ladder.



  • Most opponents are not experienced at countering Mortars effectively
  • Deals well against Elixir decks
  • Shuts down Sparky games
  • Decent vs. Giant and Royal Giant pushes
  • Can hold against air decks
  • Struggles against cheap and fast decks
  • You’ll have to cope with 1-Crown victories and Draws

General Gameplan

With this deck, you can immediately start the game by dropping the Mortar and have enough Elixir to drop a 3 or 4 Elixir counter against their counter. Throughout the game, switch between inline Mortar placement and mid-map Mortar placement depending on their countering units (melee or range).

If the Mortar is not available, you can initiate with a simple Miner at the front of their Tower to force their play. If you have a free Spear Goblin, which is not needed in countering their deck, and you are not below in Elixir, place the Miner behind their Tower and follow immediately with the Spear Goblins to do bonus damage.

If your Skeleton Army is not needed in countering their deck, following the Miner with a Skeleton Army does massive damage if they have already used their Area-of-Effect (AOE) abilities to counter your Princess or Spear Goblins.

Your Musketeer will generally be your follow-up to do heavy damage vs. whatever they counter your Mortar with. It will likely take damage, but if she survives, drop your Miner behind their Tower right before she enters their Tower’s range. It allows her to do massive damage to their Tower even with minimal health. It’s all about maximizing damage output per Elixir spent. This tanking Miner strategy works well with whatever remnants are left over from the fight such as wounded Spear Goblins and leftover Skeletons.

Rocket: Once they place their Sparky behind their Tower, your Rocket is to be fired to destroy it while damaging their Tower. Do NOT waste your Rocket on an Elixir pump until you know they do not have Sparky (nor 3 Musketeers). Evenso, you only destroy pumps with the Rocket if it will also damage your primary target Tower. Otherwise, you can damage those pesky pumps with your Miner to distract their game flow while your Princess or Mortar does work on the primary target Tower.

The Skeleton Army is a multi-use counter to Giant, Royal Giant, Hog Rider, P.E.K.K.A., Mini P.E.K.K.A., Prince, etc. It even surprisingly works well encircling the bowler and barbarians when within range of your Tower. Skeletons also do well against a Sparky that gets by. Just make sure you drop the Skeleton Army directly on top so the individual skeletons surround the enemy and don’t all take area damage at once.

The Miner is your follow-up tank for your leftover countering units. It also it used to damage and disrupt Elixir pumps and to drop behind enemy tanks to eliminate single-unit range enemies (wizards, ranged units, etc.)

Mortaring when Tanked
If your opponent drops a tank behind their Tower, immediately drop your Mortar mid-map to begin damaging their Tower before their tank gets within range. You want to deal as much damage to their Tower as possible, because you will likely take some from their push. Your counter push with the Miner and leftovers should be able to eek out more damage at the end of it all. You will also likely cycle back to your Mortar before they can drop their next tank because this deck is fairly cheap.

Against Lava Hound
This deck can hold. It just takes practice. If your opponent drops a lava hound, immediately drop your Mortar mid-map (see Mortaring vs. Tanking above) to begin damage output on their Tower. You will generally want your musketeer to be placed behind your Tower and your princess on the other side (to say out of harms way) to deal AOE damage to any minion hordes and the lava pups. If they follow with ground or a Miner, drop your Skeleton Army to save your units and counter. Drop your arrows if you have them and drop your Miner under the lava hound right before it breaks into pups to take the pup damage.

If they follow their Lava Hound with a Balloon or Mega Minion, you’ll need to accept the initial damage from the lava hound and position your ranged units to ensure targeting these air units first, because the lava hound does not do much damage on its own.

Against Inferno Towers, Cannons, etc.
This will usually be an equal trade and you can simply drop a Miner behind their Tower to do some damage. If you Elixir maxes out, drop a princess to do some safe damage while to wait for their push. You will normally be able to cycle back to your Mortar before they get their building again. If not, use your Mortar as a tank when their units enter your Tower’s range, it can usually get one shot off on their Tower before disappearing while you destroy their attack. This deck is all about eking out a one Tower victory.

Let me know how you do with it!

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