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گت بلاگز Arena 8 X-Bow Beatdown Deck – The New Meta Is Here!

Hello guys, it’s Will here with the new deck rocking in the current meta game, the X-Bow Beatdown deck. With the absence of Giant Poison, this deck is dominating on the ladder. It got usc1313 13 straight wins and took him to 4016 trophies with Tournament standard cards, yes this is real! If you are watching the Clash Royale Open, I believe you can easily see how fabulous X-Bow Beatdown working there.

XBow Beatdown Deck Clash Royale

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X-Bow Beatdown Deck for Arena 8+

X-Bow is definitely the best card in Clash Royale for disrupting your opponent’s strategy because it requires an answer immediately. By setting up an X-Bow, you can force your opponents to cast cards and then you can play defensively. While your opponent is defending against the annoying X-Bow, he is also accidentally attacking as he is sending cards to your side of the arena. Doing this allows you to defend for positive Elixir trades. So, the main strategy of this deck is to set up the X-Bow and then defend to regain the 6 elixir investment.

Inferno Tower is simply used to deal with any tank coming towards our Towers. Tanks are X-Bow’s main threats and X-Bow can quickly take them out. In addition, due to its distraction value and high HP, Inferno Tower is a good card to have in your deck.

Ice Spirit is definitely the best troop in the game at the moment. Drop it next to your X-Bow to freeze your opponent’s response, allowing you to defend more appropriately. The Ice Spirit is invaluable when using X-Bow early as it buys you more time to learn your opponent’s deck.  It’s the fantastic card to defend against tons of pushes, giving you the positive Elixir trade.

Fire Spirits are excellent in so many situations. Place them down to deal with Barbarians and Minion Horde coming towards your X-Bow. Fire Spirits are also excellent at forcing your opponent to use Zap (place them down on the bridge to chip down the opponent’s Tower). This leaves your Inferno Tower free to deal with any tank without being disturbed.

The Log is just like made for protecting the X-Bow. It goes very well with the X-Bow. The Log buys you more time to defend and regenerate Elixir. The Log is also very useful at helping you kill over-leveled Barbarians and chipping down the Tower. At Tournament standard level, The Log + Fireball combo deals 325 damage to the Tower. Remember this number to finish off a Tower on time!

Fireball is a perfect replacement for the old Poison spell, when it is nerfed to oblivion. If I am not down on Elixir, I rarely cast the Fireball on troops near the Tower. Since high level games often come down to the spell race, using Fireball at the early game really helps to building an early lead. At the late game, cycling Fireballs is a very safe way to win the game If you have the damage advantage.

Skeleton Army: With the absence of the Poison spell, this card is rocking in the current meta game. In this deck, the Skeleton Army is mainly used to defend, to bait out Zap and to clog up the Inferno Tower placed to deal with your X-Bow. Due to its large radius, choosing the good placement for it is not hard at all. However, placing it on the border spreads Skeletons out, making the card less vulnerable to the Zap spell.

Mega Minion: The main reason I use Mega Minion in this deck is because it is a great way to deal with the opposing Mega Minion. Aside from that, Mega Minion is one of the best cards in Clash Royale at the moment as it deals huge damage and doesn’t die to most spells in game. I strongly recommend you take a look at here for more tips and tricks.

General Gameplan

This deck is excellent at catching the opponents off guard and forcing them to react, adapt for your flow of the game. Below are 3 ideal times to set up an X-Bow:

  1. When you have the Elixir advantage.
  2. When your opponent places down an very expensive unit (> 6 Elixir) which doesn’t pose an immediate threat.
  3. When your defensive troops are survived with nice HP that can be used for the counterpush.

Once you have placed your X-Bow down, it’s time to protect it! Ice Spirit is excellent for this job as it freeze troop used to deal with the X-Bow. Our two goals are to chip down the tower and to force the opponent to expend more Elixir on defense. It is very important to learn your opponent’s counters so you can create the plans to deal with the later in the battle

When the opposing Tower has less than 1000HP, it’s safe now to start spell cycling the game out. Based on the flow of the battle, you can keep setting up X-Bow although dealing 1000 damage on the Tower doesn’t take too long If done properly in overtime.

This deck is so good on defense aside from the X-Bow that it prevents damage coming from almost anything. Don’t hesitate to use Elixir inefficient on defense If you have to. You always have the Fireball and The Log in your hand to finish off the Tower.


Here are some video explanations of situations for you!

With the X-Bow in hand, a high Elixir cost unit behind the opponent’s King’s Tower offers you a great opportunity to punish the opponent, as he will be easily panic and will not have enough Elixir to defend.

Sometimes you should use Fireball aggressively. Without the X-Bow in hand, I knew both didn’t have the Elixir advantage, I used the Fireball to hit the Ice Wizard and do 200+ damage to the Tower. This usually helps me a lot in winning games due to the spell races later.

Sometimes it’s better to abandon the X-Bow. In this situation, since I had Elixir disadvantage and had 2 sides to defend, the smart choice was abandoning the X-Bow. In the early game, try not to overcommit to protecting your X-Bow because you can get into the situation where you can’t to anything to recover.

Spells cycling for the win: In this situation, I knew I was 1 The Log and 2 Fireballs away from winning the battle. I used all of my Elixir to stop the pushes and then quickly cycled to the Fireballs to get the win. It’s totally worth it to use spells to finish the game once your opponent’s Tower has less than 800 damage.

Don’t forget to keep up the pressure. Because my opponent was using a Hog cycle deck, I set up the X-Bow towards the end of the game to force him to commit cards to the lane he was not pushing.

I strongly recommend you take a look at the playlist below and watch 4 stunning replays shared by usc1313!


Okay guys thank you very much for reading this guide. Hopefully you will like this X-Bow Beatdown deck. Also, don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help or want to share any advice.

Guide shared by usc1313

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