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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Giant Cycle Deck for Arena 8+

Hey guys, Leonex here with a fun new deck I’ve been using recently. That’s right, a Giant Cycle deck. Not a Hog cycle. Not a Rocket cycle. Not a Miner or Princess cycle. But a Giant cycle deck. This deck has gotten me out of my losing streak after the recent balance update since I was a Goison deck user.

Even after the Goison is nerfed, i still find myself to be using a Giant deck, and for a damn good reason. The Giant is amazing. High HP, deals high damage, and all for only 5 Elixir. The 5% HP decrease didn’t feel much of a problem so I’m still gonna use the Giant.

Cheap Giant Cycle Deck

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Skeleton
Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale fireballClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Zap

Giant Cycle Deck

Card Breakdown

Giant: Needless to say, the main card in your deck. Deals high damage to towers and can tank a LOT for the rest of your troops. Some people ask me why i dont just make a Hog cycle deck instead. The reason is because the Giant can last longer and have the rest of my troops deal damage for only 1 more Elixir. Of course i’m not saying the Giant is superior to the Hog in multiple levels but i cant seem to play Hog decks properly.

Mini P.E.K.K.A: Paired up with a Giant, the MP can deal massive damage and even help take out Inferno Towers fast enough. The MP is also the glass cannon killer during defense and then be used for counter pushes. Sometimes, you don’t even need the Giant to deal massive damage if you can counter push with the perfect timing as long as you have the MP. Note that the MP is very easily shut down by itself so you need to know when to play it with a Giant and/or other cards or when it’s safe to push with just the MP. Most of the time however, you never push with just the MP alone. At least support it with your other cards.

Ice Spirit: The best cycle card in the game. Personally, I don’t think a cycle deck without the Ice Spirit is complete. Whether you use it on defense to stall for tower damage, use it offensively to support your MP, or simply just cycle to get to your next card, the Ice Spirit is very useful. One of the most versatile card in the game for only 1 Elixir. My prediction is it’s soon going to receive an HP nerf to allow the archer towers to take it down with few shots as it can even tank an MP long enough for the MP to reach the tower if left unattended.

Alt: Mirror. Mirror is also not a bad card for cycle decks, especially after the recent buff, since you don’t need to cycle back through if you ever need to reuse a card you just placed.

Skeletons: Another 1 Elixir cycle card. Although the Skeletons are mostly just for cheap cycle, you can still use it for defense or distraction. There are lots of videos on YouTube that will teach you how to distract troops like Minions with the Skeletons properly. I recommend you watch those if you haven’t.

Alt: Goblins, Mirror. Note: i didn’t choose the Goblins simply because it was 1 Elixir more expensive. The skeletons can still deal decent damage if tanked. You can even take out the wizard if he’s targeting something else.

Mega Minion: The Mega Minion is practically in almost every deck recently, and for a good reason. It has high DPS with decent HP for only 3 Elixir (plus it’s flying so some troops cant kill it). you’ve probably noticed how the usage of MPs have slightly decreased after the release of Mega Minion, which is a good thing as it adds diversity to different decks. Additionally, the Mega Minion can be very useful when taking out groups of troops unlike other high DPS troops due to the fact that it cant get hit by some of them (Barbarians, Goblins, etc.)

Alt: Minions, Miner

Fireball: After the Poison nerf I’ve decided to start using the fireball again. Don’t get me wrong though. The Poison is still a useful card, but just wont fit in this deck well enough because the recent nerf has made it lose the power to control the flow of the battle. Fireballs, however, can easily take out glass cannons and Barbarians which can be a threat to your Giant, MP, and Mega Minion. It can also be a good defensive spell against beatdown decks that have multiple troops clumped together on the bridge.

Alt: Rocket, Poison, Log (practically all damage dealing spells, dependent on your preference and play style)

This may be slightly unrelated but i feel like i just need to address this. I COMPLETELY agree with the Poison nerf. It was nerfed enough to reduce its “OPness”, but not too much as to make it completely useless. Some of you guys are underestimating the concept of damage over time. Depending on the situation, damage over time can be more useful than instantaneous damage. Imagine your opponent placing a Minion Horde after you Fireball some Barbarians. Obviously the fireball wont take the Minions out. With the Poison however, it can and will take them out as it stays on the field. This can also help pushes as it prevents your opponents from placing Minions and/or other Hordes until the Poison clears out.

Princess: The Princess is a great counter to Horde troops, especially the Minions. It also takes them out from a far and safe range, forcing your opponent to do something about her, resulting in less Elixir being spent for defense. Additionally, the Princess is a good starting card to play if you don’t have anything better to put down.

Alt: Ice Wizard, Fire Spirits. I know most of you dont have the Princess or ice wizard so the Fire Spirits can be a decent (not an excellent but will do) replacement.

Zap: Needless to say, one of the best cards in the game. Defense, offense, cycle, resets charges. The Zap can do practically anything. Zapping Minions can also be a good idea if you have a Princess shooting at the Minions to quickly take them out. There really isnt much to say about the Zap as most of you are already using the Zap and should know what its strengths and weaknesses are.

Alt: Arrows, Log

General Gameplan

The great thing about this deck is it’s not hard to get a bad hand. The worst hand can you can get is the 2 spells, MP, and Mega Minion. The Mega Minion can still be used a starting card as it doesnt go as fast as the Minions.

Generally, you’d want to avoid playing the Giant too early as it’s too expensive. Cycle through your cards 1 by 1 while defending until you gain enough Elixir advantage to start a push with the Giant. Once you’re ready to place the Giant down, put the Giant in the back (or slightly to the front during double Elixir). If you have lots of troops alive after defending, you can also quickly place the Giant on the bridge for a quick a counter push.

Thats pretty much it. Just keep cycling through the Giant and gain control of the battlefield. The good thing about this Giant cycle is that it’s not too fast paced to be too offensive, but not too slow paced as your usual Giant beatdown deck, which means you can easily control the battle and the flow of the battle to your liking. This deck is pretty easy to learn and pick up. However, it may take sometime to get used to defending for huge Elixir advantage. That’s where your 1 Elixir cards come in. Use the properly for massive Elixir advantage.

Also, try not to use a collector in this deck. It was too expensive before and it’s even more expensive now. The Giant should be the only 5 or more Elixir card you have in this deck.

Notable Counters for the Deck:

Rocket Cycle – Rocket cycle decks typically contain Inferno Towers and lots of other irritating cards that are great for defense, such as the ice wizard. The Rockets can also take out a big push as a last resort. That’s why you have to utilize the Zap and Ice Spirit and the fact that you can cycle to your 2nd Giant quickly to push through defensive decks.

Airfecta – The only high air damage card you have is the Mega Minion which can be a bit troublesome when dealing with air decks. The first time i faced an airfecta with this deck, the game was a draw due to the both of us trying too hard to defend. The next time i played with an air deck, i gave up on defense. I pushed the other lane and hoped for the best. This forced my opponent to place cards down for defense and leave the hound alone on the other lane as he only had 3 Elixirs after placing down the hound. After i finished my pushed, i simply put down a Mega Minion to kill the hound and the pups, leaving my tower with only a bit of damage.

That’s pretty much it for this deck’s guide. This deck is pretty easy to pick up so experience using this deck can be more useful than reading a guide. Try this out on classic challenge first and see if this deck fits your play style.

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