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گت بلاگز Arena 8 Mikan’s Hog Lightning Deck

Hey guys M4SON here today to review Mikan’s Hog Lightning deck! This deck is a beast in Grand Challenge, completely counter the popular Giant + Poison Goison meta. I am absolutely in love with this deck because you know me I love playing the Hog Rider which wasn’t seen too much in Grand Challenges.  I have managed to achieve multiple 12 Wins with this deck! Give this deck a try and let me know how it goes!

Mikan’s Hog Lightning Deck

Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Hog Rider
Clash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale LightningClash Royale Princess

Mikan’s Hog Lightning Deck – Challenge Winning Deck!

Skeletons: Rocking these 1 Elixir Doots they come in handy in so many situations. Pull away Mega Minions,  stop Prince charges, cycle to your Elixir Collector,  or just send in with your Hog Rider. These little guys are insane value and will give you many many positive elixir trades.

Ice Spirit: Similar to Mikans original deck, with the Skeles + Ice Spirit combos. This 1 Elixir troop again offers insane value. Freezing for a whole 2 seconds, allowing you to stop many Giant pushes, comes in handy to stall out the Giant for your Inferno to charge up when it gets zapped. Once again great for stopping and winning Mega Minion fights.

Mega Minion: Solid defensive troop great at stopping many pushes. Trade against other Mega Minions or set up to pretty kill any ground troop. Pair with an Ice Spirit to stop Hog attacks. Always use this card defensively unless you really have extra Elixir to spare. Trades fairly with other Princesses as well.

Hog Rider: The staple of the deck. Send your typical Hog attacks in alone, with Skeles, Ice Spirit, or even with the counter push with the Mega Minion. Use it to pull Mini P.E.K.K.As, Mega Minions, etc situationally.

Inferno Tower: A must need for the giant meta. Use it to stop not just the Giant but also Princes, Mega Minions, etc. Always have your Ice Spirit ready when the opponent zaps the Inferno tower. Switch up Inferno tower placement if the enemy is playing Lavahound and uses Minions / Horde to distract your Inferno Tower.

Elixir Collector: Typical card to help you gain the elixir advantage. Play them behind your towers to start off. If you’re not up against Poison you can situationally place it in the middle in front of your king tower. Protect your Pumps with Mega Minion + Ice Spirit/Skeles, or if its infront of your King Tower just protect it with the 1 Elixir value cards. Take a look at here to see the best Elixir Collector placements!

Lightning: Lightning is a monster against the Giant pushes. Kills of the high DPS of Musketeer and Mega Minion in 1 shot. Along with resetting Inferno Towers to allow your Hog Rider to get through. Try to keep the lightning as a surprise to really get value out of it and catch your opponent off guard.

Princess: Princess will help you keep the control and tempo of the game. Protect her against Miners with your Ice Spirit and Skeles. Always put her in the opposite lane because this will do 3 things. Apply pressure to that lane; force out enemy cards, and also not give your opponent a valuable Poison / Fireball.

General Gameplan:

Starting off always try to cycle to your Elixir Pumps with the Skeletons or Ice Spirit. If you don’t have any you can send in a solo Hog attack just to see what kind of defenses your opponent has. Once you start getting Elixir Pumps down defend them at all costs! Use your Skeletons and Ice Spirit to distract the Miner while your Mega Minion finishes it off. Its okay to take 1-2 Miner hits on your Pump. Defend against Giant pushes by simply setting up your Inferno Tower and readying Ice Spirits to freeze the Giant / Prince / Mega Minion while also distracting the backline troops with your Skeletons . Set up princess in the opposite side they are pushing to have maximum coverage on the incoming push. Once defended properly send in your Hog Attack with a situational lightning to get the most value possible. Neat little tricks you can do is protecting your Princess at the bridge with Skeletons or Ice Spirit or even a Mega Minion. Princess positioning is very key make sure you never give your opponent a valuable Poison. If the enemy has Inferno Tower and is always stopping your Hog pushes you must get Elixir Pumps down and out cycle him.

That’s really it guys! Try this deck out and let me know how it goes! It has given me many 12-0 12-1 wins in Grand Challenge. Goodluck and Havefun!!!!

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