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گت بلاگز Arena 6 Giant Witch Counter Push Deck for Arena 6+

Hey Clashers, Entrusted here, bringing you my favorite Giant Witch counter push deck, I made it myself when I was looking for an alternative to my old Hog Rider deck. And for all you Poison haters out there, this deck doesn’t feature it at all! The deck is insanely powerful if played right and has me a 90% win rate, I currently sit at 2500+ trophies and could easily push further if I wasn’t busy playing with other decks. However, I must warn you this deck contains the Ice Wizard (he can be substituted however) and it is a slow deck, so if you prefer fast decks then this isn’t the deck for you.

Giant Witch Counter Push Deck

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale WitchClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Ice Wizard
Clash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale ZapClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale elixir collector

Giant Witch Counter Push Deck

So without further ado, let’s get into the cards featuring in the deck.

Giant: The kill card of this deck, this guy tanks for all of your support troops and deals massive damage to the tower as well. He offers so much health and damage for just 5 elixir allowing him to be dropped off in front of all the remaining defensive troops you have for a massive counter push. You can also drop him off in the back in the rare occasion of a lull in the battle so you don’t waste elixir.

Witch: One of the 3 support/defense troops in the deck who also features in the name. The Witch has always been my favorite card from the start because she was my first epic. Additionally, with her not so recent buffs, she is a powerhouse in terms of usefulness and value as every wave of Skeletons she summons adds value. I usually play a slow Witch at the back so she can summon up to 4 waves of Skeletons before she reaches the bridge therefore distracting an Inferno Tower. The Witch is used to counter Minion Horde, Hog Rider, Giant and spammy troops like Goblins and you can turn her into a counter push with the Giant.

Musketeer: The second of the 3 support/defense troops in this deck. The Musketeer is the only single target solo troop in the game and this makes her insanely popular and for a reason. She is the main damage dealer in the deck but every other card can also put a lot of damage on the tower, usually destroying towers in one counter push. You can also use her for defense and to cycle your deck so you don’t waste Elixir. Furthermore, after she is used to defend you can stick a Giant in front of her, and other troops making for a massive counter push.

Ice Wizard: The final of the 3 support/defense troops in this deck. The Ice Wizard is my favorite Legendary because when paired with the Tombstone can shut down any push the opponent throws at you. After this guy defends he can be used along with the Giant to attack the tower. The Ice Wizard works extremely well with the Giant as he slows down the defending troops allowing the Giant to do more hits. However, his low damage output means he should be paired with a Musketeer or Witch for counter pushing if you can afford the Elixir cost.

Valkyrie: The push defender of this deck, the Valkyrie is probably one of the best defensive card in the game. For 4 Elixir she offers stunning area damage and decent health allowing her to kill almost all support troops for a Giant etc. After the success defense, you can launch a counterpush with her. I prefer to have the Valkyrie in front of the Giant however, as she can clear the way, against Skeleton Army, Goblins and other spam troops, for the Giant.

Zap: The most used spell in the game, the Zap spell can create stunning Elixir trades if used correctly. With 0.5sec stun and the ability to reset the target it can mean the difference between a loss and a victory. It is the only spell in this deck so use it conservatively. It counters the Goblin Barrel, resets the Sparky (or Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon etc) allowing the Valk to kill it, and can destroy Hordes of small troops like the Skeleton Army. You can also zap a Giant etc. to stop it from getting a hit on the tower if necessary.

Tombstone: The main defensive building in the deck, this paired with Ice Wizard destroys every push in the game if they don’t have a Poison Spell. If they do have a Poison Spell just add Musketeer/Valk to defend effectively as well. Playing this at the start sets up a steady defense effectively. The ideal placement for the Tombstone is two tiles in front of the King’s Tower on the side you want the Skeletons to go. This is the perfect balance for spawning as many Skeles as possible while also pulling Hog Riders, Giant etc. If your opponent uses Poison Spell, place it right under the river so your opponent can’t Poison both it and the Tower. Please take a look at this guide for more details about the Tombstone!

Elixir Collector: And finally we have the Elixir Pump, one of the most used cards in the game and the second most direct way of gaining an Elixir Advantage over your opponent. This card will easily allow this deck to snowball while also drawing Fireballs, Rockets or Poison spells so they don’t get your support troops. Playing this at the start of the game is a great start, just watch out for Hog Rider rushes. If the opponent has Miner, place the Elixir Collector in the center, in front of your king tower (behind the tombstone) but otherwise place it behind your two crown towers where it is safest.

General Gameplan

They key to play this deck is patience, wait for your opponent to attack first while also slowly cycling your deck, by placing slow Witch/Musketeer/Ice Wizard or placing Tombstone and Pumps in their correct locations, at the back to make their way to the bridge (and deal chip damage while undefended.) Before double elixir time you shouldn’t use your giant to counter push unless the opponent overcommitted and you have a lot of troops to counter push with. Once you defend just place another Pump and keep doing positive Elixir trades until Double Elixir time when you can start to snowball with a massive Elixir advantage built up through the entirety of the match. If the opponent is stubborn you can take the first move, by doing Giant Witch etc. however, be prepared to not get much damage done and have to defend more than previously. Make sure to not waste Elixir in this deck by slowly cycling your deck if there is a lull in the battle.

On offense

If the opponent just uses troops then it is fine, your support troops will usually kill them with ease. Mini P.E.K.K.A can deal a lot of damage to your Giant or support troops so Zapping it is a good idea to allow your support troops to kill it more easily. The Valkyrie is the worst nightmare for this deck and dealing with it the same way as the Mini P.E.K.K.A is the most effective counter to it, although it usually stops the support troops the giant can still do a lot of damage on his own and if you have a big enough push the Valkyrie will die to the support troops.

If the opponent uses Cannon/Tesla it will only do about half health to your Giant by the time your supports kill it however if he uses Inferno tower you need your Witches’/Tombstone’s Skeletons to distract it or zap it after it has been burning your giant for 5 seconds. An opponent’s Tombstone can be easily destroyed by the Witch.

On defense

As the main point of this deck is defense and then offense, it is important for you to follow the main rules of defense in this deck. Firstly, have the Tombstone placed in the middle as early as possible and try to have the Tombstone up the entire time. Secondly pair your Tombstone with the Ice Wizard on the opposite side of the defending tower so that the attacking troops target the Skeletons and leave the Ice Wizard to slow them to a crawl. Finally add a Musket/Witch/Valk as needed to help defend, Musket for more damage output, Witch for more splash and extra Skeletons and Valk to kill support troops behind the Giant etc.

Common Matchups:

  • Hog Decks: Hog decks are easily countered with Tombstone and Ice wizard, conceding 1 Hog hit isn’t bad as long as you can make a good counter push right after that. If they have a Valkyrie use your Valk to distract theirs.
  • Giant: By far the easiest deck to counter with this one, even if they have the Poison Spell. Tombstone and Ice Ưizard will slow the Giant to a crawl for long enough to kill the Giant while you place a valk on their support troops. If they use a Poison spell you can add a Musketeer for a quicker kill of the Giant if necessary.
  • Sparky: Same method as giant just zap the Sparky when putting the Valk down. Additionally, Tombstone stops sparky from working at all.
  • Royale Giant: The hardest deck to counter with this deck. You have to suck up a little damage on your tower and use Witch/Musket/Tombstone to kill it.
  • Three Musketeers: Zap Valkyrie to kill them.
  • Fast Miner Cycle Decks/Normal Miner Decks: Quite easy to counter due to the amount of splash this deck has. Ice Wizard/Witch to splash away Minions/small troops. Zap also works well for this. Use Tombstone for Mini P.E.K.K.A. Use Pump to pull Miner prematurely and Witch to kill the Miner without taking damage on pump preferably.
  • Lava Hound/All Air: Since this deck carries lots of air targeting units Lava Hound is quite easy to take out. You can use giant to tank the pumps while using Musketeer/Ice Wizard/Witch to kill them while also making a counter push.


  • Witch: Could be replaced with wizard however the skeletons she spawns are very helpful.
  • Ice Wizard: Can be replaced with Bomber however, you have to be more proactive on defense using your Witch more effectively to counter minions etc. Before I got the Ice Wizard I used the Bomber.
  • Valkyrie: Can be replaced with Knight or Mini P.E.K.K.A however both are more situational than the Valkyrie on defense but can still work well.
  • Zap: Could be replaced with Arrows or the hated Poison Spell if wanted, Fireball can also work. However, I prefer Zap’s usefulness.
  • Tombstone: Can be replaced with Cannon or Tesla according to preferences but the tombstone allows for bigger counter pushes.
  • Elixir Pump: If you don’t like the Pump you can replace it with Fire spirits, Ice Spirit or Skeletons that help cycle the deck and make positive elixir trades.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my deck, I hope you decide to use it and it carries you to Arena 8 and beyond. If anyone wants to join my clan it is open for 2000+ trophies called 808 Remake, we are active and get 2500 – 3000 donations a week. If anyone has any ideas for the deck please comment down below.

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