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گت بلاگز Arena 9 How to get to Legendary Arena

Hey guys it’s Ash and in this post I want to focus on the best tips and strategies and decks for players trying to get to Arena 9, the Legendary Arena.

Best tips for Legendary Arena

How to get to Legendary Arena

First tip I want to give you guys is to save up your Gems. Other than buying gems with real money, the only other way to obtain Gems are through completing Achievements or opening Free Chests and Crown Chests. Free Chests and Crown Chests can contain anywhere from 2 to 4 Gems. So make sure to open your Free Chests and Crown Chests, you should be able to make anywhere from 8 to 20 gems every day from opening these chests. Make sure to save up all your gems. Once you have 500 Gems, use it to buy a Legendary Chest from the Shop when it shows up!

For 500 Gems, the Legendary Chest is the best offer in the game. This Legendary Chest will guarantee you a Legendary card. A Level 1 Legendary card is equivalent to a Level 9 Common or Level 7 Rare or Level 4 Epic, while also provide you with incredible value. Legendary cards are among the best cards in the game and will help you a lot in your journey to Arena 9. How often does the Legendary Chest show up in the Shop? I would say at least once a month, 2 or more if you’re lucky.

If you already have card levels meet tournament cap, then you can instead use those gems to take part in challenges to accumulate both cards and gold (if you’re confident in your skill). With 40,000 Gold saved up, you can use that to purchase a Legendary Card of your choosing once you reach Legendary Arena and once the specific Legendary card you want shows up. This method requires that you must be in Legendary Arena and is also much more expensive. I’d rather take my chances on a Legendary Chest because every Legendary Card is worth getting and will make your life easier, especially since it’s an instant tournament level cap card!

Next tip I want to give is that you should save up your Gold as well. Don’t upgrade every card. And don’t upgrade cards just reach the next level. Your card levels are so much more important than your individual level. So the best use of Gold is to upgrade and focus on no more than 16 cards. You should definitely upgrade the best utility cards in the game, such as Zap and Ice Spirit. While depending on the player you are and the deck you’re most comfortable with, upgrade the cards you’re more comfortable with. For example, both the Hog Rider and Giant are very good cards for offense, but you should focus on upgrading only one of them to Level 7 first. Your goal should be to reach the tournament level cap with your main deck and reach Legendary Arena.

In my second account, which a new level 9, I’ve ignored upgrading many cards that I rarely ever use such as the Knight, Bomber, Bomb Tower, Rocket, Barbarian Hut. And have neglected to upgrade more than half the cards even though I have the Gold to do so. Instead, I’ll be saving that Gold to upgrade the cards that I use frequently, and get them to Tournament levels.

I’m going to show you guys a bunch of great decks in the video that are proven to work, that allowed many players to reach Legendary Arena, and are used by many of the top players in the game. Before I get into sharing these decks, I want to show you guys my Clash Royale community Discord chat. I’ve loaded many of the best decks in the game in this chat. To access the chat, you guys can click on the invite button below:

  1. Once you have joined the Discord chat, go to the Decks tab and type “!ArenaX” (X is Arena number). For example, type “!Arena8”.
  2. The bot will show you the list of the best Arena 8 decks at the moment. If I type “!Arena8”, It will say:
    Type to view = !GiantPoison !HogTrifecta !SparkyBarrel !LavaHound !ValkPrince !DPFurnace !DPMini !MinerFurnace !MinerPrincess !RoyalCheese !RGBarrel !GolemPoison !3MuskCycle !LumberMusk !DPBarrel !OPSparky !Pekka3Musk !BowlerBeatdown !LumberLoon !LoonFreeze !HoundLumber !GolemBowler !BowlerPrince !AntiMeta !BowlerSiege !MinerLightning !MortarBowler !Payfecta !GiantLightning !GiantMega !MegaRage !MegaSparky !IceLava !LogMiner !HogLightning !MegaGolem !MinerBowler !MegaLumber !MegaBeatdown !LogMiner2 !LavaLightning !InfernoBait !InfernoGolem !InfernoGiant !InfernoLava !InfernoMiner !HogCycle !HogInferno !MirrorMiner !LumberGiant !LumberGolem !Mirror3M !PDPL3M !Pekka3M !HogCycle2 !HogRocket !LavaLoon !Giant3M !HogFreeze !Mortar !PekkaDP !SparkyBait !BowlerLightning !HogMiner !GiantBarrel !LogMiner3 !MegaRG !Golem3M !MinerDP
  3. Simply choose a deck from the list above. For example, If you type “!GiantPoison”, the bot will reply “Giant, Poison, Elixir Collector, Zap, Ice Spirit, Mega Minion, Prince, Musketeer (or Guards)”.

Take a look at the screenshot below!


Okay guys. Hopefully you have found these tips helpful. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help. Thank you very much for reading!

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