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گت بلاگز Bowler Hog Bowler Rocket – Meta Destroyer

Hey guys Trainer Joshua here, Just want to make a guide on an amazing Hog Hog Bowler Rocket Deck. I’m currently at 3800 with this deck and it is incredible. Let’s get started. The deck consists of Hog Rider, Bowler, Ice Wizard, Ice Spirit, Guards, Mini Pekka, Rocket and Zap.


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Clash Royale RocketClash Royale GuardsClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Zap

Hog Bowler Rocket for Arena 8+

Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider

The Hog Rider is your main attacking force. It deals lots of damage to arena towers when paired with combos such as Ice Spirit, Bowler and Ice Wizard. It also places a lot of pressure on your opponent as it is almost always guaranteed a hit on their tower. Couple him with any troop in this deck to bypass buildings!

Ice Spirit

Having an extremely low cost, the Ice Spirit has to be the best unit in the game, as it is versatile and can fit in almost any deck. This card will help create positive elixir trades on defense when paired with your Tower, Bowler or Ice Wizard. Ice Spirit is exceptional at defending against Sparky, as the Sparky will either shoot the Ice Spirit and reset or become frozen. It can also assist with your Hog Push, helping stop Inferno Tower, Cannon and Tesla. It can’t be killed by Zap, and can survive 1 Musketeer shot, making it a strong offensive and defensive unit.

Ice Wizard

This is your air and ground support for your deck. Paired with the Bowler, it destroys 3 Musketeer, Opposing Hog Pushes and Barbarians, and is versatile in almost all defensive situations due to its low 3 elixir cost, in conjunction with its 35% slowing capability. It can also be used offensively once you pair it with the Hog Rider as it slows the enemy Arena Tower, allowing for more hits from your Hog.


After the elixir change from 6 to 5, the Bowler has seen a drastic rise in usage, and for good reason. It takes out many units such as Barbarians, Musketeer, Valkyrie and crushes Spawner Decks. With it’s pushback effect, the Bowler is extremely effective on defense, especially against Giant decks that are currently in the Meta, as it kills the troops behind the Giant, namely Mini Pekkas, Witches. Paired with a Zap or Ice Spirit, the Bowler takes out the Three Musketeers with ease. Having it on offense is also beneficial as it stops units from hitting you Hog. As it has high hitpoints, you can also use this unit to soak up some damage for you.


The Rocket is an extremely controversial card. It is commonly known as the “no skill” card. In my opinion, that is incorrect. Knowing when to use your Rocket is crucial during a match. The Rocket can take out many units and stop many pushes. In this deck, it is used to take out Elixir Pumps behind the towers for a good trade of the pump and lots of tower damage. It also can take out Sparky if they are started in the back behind the opponent’s Arena Tower. If you’re struggling on defense (which I highly doubt you will with this deck) the Rocket comes in clutch taking out large pushes. This card also takes out the Three Musketeers for a positive elixir trade, and is sure to make your opponent a little salty 😉


The Guards are another great defensive troop, that is used to counter Prince, Mini Pekka, Sparky and especially the PEKKA due to the absence of an Inferno Tower in this deck. It can also be used to lure opposing flying troops into the opposite lane if placed correctly. However, Guards are extremely vulnerable against Valkyrie and Fire Spirits, as well as Minions. Despite this, they are useful in multiple combos such as Hog/Guards, as it denies Inferno Towers, Mini Pekka/Guards on a counterpush, and Ice Spirit/Guards to take out Three Musketeers.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

Mini P.E.K.K.A is both an incredible offensive and defensive unit due to its high DPS, allowing it to counter Giant, Royal Giant and other tanks. It is also useful on offense if it’s paired with Ice Spirit, putting immense pressure on your opponent if countered incorrectly. Zap also helps in using the Mini P.E.K.K.A offensively, as it can easily kill small units such as Spear Goblins, Skeletons and Goblins.


The Zap Spell is used more offensively than defensively and provides an extra half-second for a Hog Rider to swing at the tower. Despite it’s nerf it is still one of the most used cards in the game. The Zap Spell can come in clutch, and has won me multiple games. It provides a little more air support, taking minions low enough to be killed by either the Tower or the Ice Wizard. Overall, it is an essential card in any Hog Rider Deck, as it can come in clutch and save you the game.

Weaknesses of this deck

This deck counters the Meta incredibly well, destroying Pekka/Three Musketeers, Giant/Poison, Giant/Sparky etc. However, this deck does have problems dealing with some units, especially Lava Hound and the Mega Minion. Because of the lack of air support cards, this deck struggles against Lava Hound decks. If you face Lava Hound decks however, I suggest placing immense amounts of pressure on them by pushing the opposite lane with your troops. A quick three crown can come from this deck, being equipped with Mini Pekka and Hog Rider. As Lava Hound alone doesn’t do much damage until it pops, I suggest focusing on the other lane.

Alternatives to cards you don’t have

If you do not have an Ice Wizard, I suggest playing an air troop, such as Minions or the Mega Minion. The deck will be a little more difficult without an Ice Wizard, but you’ll manage 😉 Besides that, the deck isn’t really subject to change as all the cards play a crucial role in creating positive elixir trades.


Overall, I think that this is a well balanced and incredibly successful deck, granting me a 12-2 victory in Grand Challenge, and bringing me up the ladder. I hope this deck will bring the same success as it brought me. Good luck in the Arena!

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