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گت بلاگز Arena 7 Hog Freeze Deck Which Got Me To 3700+ Trophies

Hello guys, I am D-Mate and today I am going to share with you my favorite Hog Rider Freeze Deck, which got me to 3700 trophies! I was spending weeks to find and test until I got this interesting one. Before reading further, I want to mention that this deck does contain the Ice Wizard so If you don’t have him in your Collection, it’s not recommended to use this deck! This guide will show you how to use every single card, as well as the ways to defend against the most popular counters and the general gameplan.

Hog Freeze Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale FreezeClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Knight
Clash Royale GuardsClash Royale CannonClash Royale fireballClash Royale Zap

Hog Freeze Deck for Arena 7+

Hog Rider is obviously the main win condition of this deck. He is the incredibly fast, has insane DPS and moderate HP. Take a look at here to read more about the trick helps him bypass buildings. One of the best Rare cards! I don’t have much thing to say about him actually.

Freeze Spell is the main support card of this deck. You generally don’t want to to play it at the first push as it is the surprising part we have. Think twice before using it. Is it worth it to use the 8 Elixir push or not?

Ice Wizard: Perfect troop on offense. He can act as the defensive building in lots of situations. Great at slowing down the game speed and giving you more time to build up Elixir. Normally, don’t bother with playing the counterpush with his due to his DPS and movement speed. You can somehow replace him with Valkyrie!

Knight is one of the most underrated cards in Clash Royale. He is well balanced, in deed. He is the great counter to all Legendary cards and glass Cannons in Clash Royale. Please take a look at here for more details about him (tips and tricks).

Guards: This card is rocking in the current meta game. One of the most valuable cards in game at the moment! Excellent at countering popular troops such as Musketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince… They do hit the Valkyrie If she is locking on something else. While using this deck, I usually use them to help the Hog Rider bypass building. If you have Princess, I strongly recommend using her instead!

Cannon is my favorite defensive building. Still one of the best defensive buildings due to its Elixir cost and deploy time. Cannon easily takes out slow units and distracts any troop. Cannon + Ice Wizard is a deadly combo to deal with almost any ground push.

Fireball: Excellent on both offense and defense. Fireball takes out Barbarians, Minion Horde ,Wizards, Musketeers… Try to use Fireball to take out anything which costs at least 4 Elixir. Also excellent at finishing off Towers. Take a look at here for more details about the Fireball!

Zap is definitely the best spell in the game so far. It kills small units like Goblins, Skeletons and leaves Minions at very low HP. Excellent at resetting Sparky, Royal Giant, Inferno Tower, Princes…

General Gameplan

The average Elixir cost of this deck is pretty low so we can call this deck cycle deck. The way we play this deck is to turn defense into counterpush. This is a complete control deck. This deck can defend pretty well against the most popular strategies at the moment. Except the Hog Rider, you can use everything else to defend!

Try to not reveal the Freeze Spell at the first pushes since it’s the surprising part of this deck. Also, If you spend 8 Elixir first without knowing your opponent’s cards, you will probably have a hard time to defend.


Hog Rider: Cannon + Ice Wizard can easily get the job done. After defending, consider making the small push with either Knight or Guards. 2-4 solid Hog Freeze pushes are enough for you to take the win.

Giant is the hardest deck to beat at the moment but it is still possible to win with skills. Do everything you can to stop the Giant push. Do a quick push with Hog Rider + Guards whenever your opponent places a high Elixir cost card down, Barbarians or Three Musketeers for example. Use the Freeze Spell on defense when needed.

Miner/Payfecta: My winrate against these decks is about 50%. Your Hog Freeze may not work due to their quick cycles. Try to counter Miner with Ice Wizard and Guards, use Knight to counter Princess. Acting fast is the key while dealing with these decks.

Sparky Deck: This is an easy matchup since we have Guards, Knight and Zap. Always save either Zap or Guards in order to deal with the Sparky.

Three Musketeers: Fireball helps you win the games against them.

If you have any question, feel free to comment below!

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