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گت بلاگز Arena 7 Inferno Dragon and Lava Hound Deck for Arena 7+

Hey guys, it’s Sora here and today I am showing you a revised version of my Inferno Hound deck. The last deck I posted took a heavy beating this last update, with some of the more important cards in the deck (Elixir Collector + Poison) being nerfed to where that last deck is really no longer viable. This new deck is not only cheaper than the last, but is a lot more promising and effective as I made some necessary card changes to better combat and adapt to the current meta.

Inferno Dragon Lava Hound Deck

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Clash Royale GoblinClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale ZapClash Royale elixir collector

Lava Hound Inferno Dragon Deck for Arena 6+

Lava Hound: A formidable flying fortress, the Lava Hound is one of your win conditions and one you will probably find the most openings to use. Since he costs a hefty 7 elixir, using him can be tricky, and when you place him is mostly up to game sense. From what I’ve experienced, he is best played as an opening push (better if you have an elixir collector down), a distraction for air-targeting troops, or as a troop to deploy when nothing else is on the field. I don’t use him often as a counter-attack because I usually do not have the elixir to deploy him after defending. I recommend deploying the Hound in one of the back corners of the map for two reasons: 1) to regain elixir as he floats his way forward and 2) so he will not target centralized buildings.

Another thing to note with the Lava Hound: he can NOT do anything by himself. Almost every troop in the deck (aside from Gobs) can be used to support the Lava Hound and can do so pretty effectively.

Inferno Dragon: The Inferno Dragon has only been out for a short time, but I can say that he is definitely one of my favorite cards. Like to see towers melt? This guy can do so in seconds, absolutely decimating towers if left unattended. The Inferno Dragon is your secondary win condition, able to destroy towers faster than the Lava Hound. However, don’t expect great results immediately upon deploy, because exactly like the regular Inferno Tower, he will target whatever is closest to him. As a result, like the Inferno Hound, the Inferno Dragon needs to be supported too. The two can definitely support each other if the opponent is not using a spam-heavy deck.

I do not recommend using the Inferno Dragon as a support for the Lava Hound from the get-go, he should only be used if you know your opponent is not able to defend against the combo at that time. Instead, use the Dragon defensively. Watch for tanks and deploy him then because he is your only tank-destroyer (the goblins can take care of troops such as Mini Pekkas and Hogs and Princes but not so much against giants). I recommend supporting him with the Mega Minion on defense as well to deal with the support troops and more often than not you will have the health behind them and the elixir to launch a counter-push.

Mega Minion: The best support card for your two win conditions, and has the dps to serve one himself. When I first made this deck, I did not even consider adding in the Mega Minion because he was sitting in my card stock at a measly level 2. Then, I saw his potential in a lot of air decks and even when supporting Giants so I went and requested as many Mega Minions as I could in my clan and quickly rose him up in level and now he is a force far deadlier than your standard minions. He deals more damage and has more health, you can not go wrong with this guy. He can be paired with nearly every troop in this deck, and brings devastating results when partnered with the Lava Hound or the Inferno Dragon. If you can get all three locked onto a tower that’s a “GG well played.” He can do well playing defense on his own, but if you plan to use him offensively, pair him with somebody. He is great at counter-attacking, as he will almost always have more than half of his health after a successful defense.

Wizard: This deck is a deck of supports, each card is used to support one another, and the Wizard is no exception. He is used to clear out troops threatening your main attackers and towers, and then can launch an onslaught right after, dealing considerable damage to a tower. One weakness behind the Wizard is that he is a ground unit, so he can be very easily countered. This does not bother me much because, chances are, by the time he’s killed off he has already done his part in clearing the way for my Lava Hound, Inferno Dragon, and/or Mega Minion. On my last deck I noticed people were saying to replace the Wizard with the Baby Dragon, for the Baby Dragon costs one less elixir and is an air unit. However, I personally do not like this choice for three reasons: 1) he deals less damage, 2) his shots seem harder to control, while the Wizard is more on the mark, and 3) the Baby Dragon is an Epic card, and one of my only Epics stuck at level 2 and that I can not for the life of me seem to get more of (won’t even show up in the shop ;_;). The choice is a personal preference though.

Goblins: A great card for two elixir. They deal a lot of damage, and can halt Hogs and Princes and Giant Skeletons right in their tracks. Originally I had the Goblin Barrel, but I used it less and less the more I used the deck. I forgot I had it when it showed up in my hand. So, alternatively, I went for the cheaper choice and I use this guys a lot more frequently to take down troops like Princesses and Witches locked onto something else almost immediately. The key phrase is “locked onto something else,” these guys don’t have the HP to stand up against something else. But, if used properly, you won’t even notice it.

Fire Spirits: Wow. The Fire Spirits are incredible. They can take down large swarms and gets a chunk of damage out of tanks and buildings for a very low cost. They are excellent for pairing with the Lava Hound/Inferno Dragon for the impending Minion Horde and can quickly wipe the smirk off a Miner’s face (Gobs can do the same). Need to cycle? Put down the Spirits and they’ll get something done, or the opponent will most likely lose elixir trying to minimize their damage against them. At Level 9, the towers can only kill one of them before they reach and attack a tower, making them excellent for an opening push for cheap damage provided you don’t have an Elixir Collector in your hand.

Elixir Collector: Despite the +1 Elixir cost from the recent update, the Elixir Collector is still very useful and a necessity for this deck. It lasts longer and gives you an extra Elixir, making it substantially easier to get two down at the same time and easily overwhelm your opponent with the steady flow of elixir. I highly recommend placing an Elixir Collector at the start of the game, and then playing defense until you can get another one down, then launch your assault. If you don’t have it in your opening hand (which I hate), then play defensively and launch small pushes until you can get one down safely.

Zap: One of the most useful spells in the game, probably the most useful now that Poison no longer slows. Now, the stun effect and its cheap cost to take care of swarms makes it very valuable. It makes Sparky decks more manageable, and with the recent increase in Skeleton Army-users, the Zap can and will take all of them out if placed correctly. He can make the Lava Pups deal some nice burst damage if the tower is zapped as soon as they pop out, he can stall impending pushes (for cycling), and can reset Inferno Towers/Dragons, Sparky, etc.

Other Game Notes:

  • Very frequently, the opponent will use an AOE troop/spell to wipe out the Lava Pups. As such, the Lava Hound is mostly there to tank damage, hence why he needs support.
  • Fire Spirits can be used to lure Valks, Mini P’s, etc. if you place them in the middle as you approach the tower. This drags them out of the way enough to get heavy damage dealt to them yet have them killed before they can hit the tower.
  • Goblins and Fire Spirits can be used to deal damage to a tower if its just barely in reach of a zap kill.
  • The amount of people I’ve seen trying to use the Log on air troops…
  • Do not rely too heavily on the Inferno Dragon because of how easy it is to counter. Deploy him for offense when and only when an opening presents itself, or else you’ll just be wasting elixir.

And I believe that’s all guys! I hope you have just as fun using this deck as I have! (C’mon, who doesn’t find 3-crowning opponents frequently fun? :P)

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