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Hello Clash Royale addicts, today I am going to bring to you a detailed guide to playing under-leveled on the Ladder. Looking for the best ways to push further with your Tournament standard cards? Please take a look!


In-Depth Guide for Underdogs

First, let’s start with some fun facts about me (usc1313):

  • My King’s Tower just hit level 10 today.
  • I have spent $9.99 so far (to buy the Arena Pack).
  • I finally got all of the Epics a few days ago (pulled the Mirror out from a Tournament Chest).
  • I got to top 9 in the most recent Super Magical Cup.
  • I am currently in Reddit Bravo and the Super Magicals clan.
  • I started playing Clash Royale in late May.
  • My goal is to get to 4000 trophies with the Tourney standard card levels.

Some tips for you to choose cards:

Although your cards are great on the ladder, they may be not good for Tournaments. If you want your cards to be viable on the ladder, make sure your cards be able to be played effectively with the level disadvantage. I am going to list some great good Tournament cards below. They are severely worse on the latter due to the different interactions. Please keep in mind that this guide is for latter ladder games, where you face players having cards level 1-2 or even 3 above yours.

Anyway this is just my humble opinion. If you have any better idea, don’t hesitate to comment guys!

Minion Horde/Minions

Although they are excellent at the Tournaments, when you hit Legendary Arena, you will face tons of players having level 11+ Zap. As your Minions are Minion Horde immediately 1 hit by level 11+ Zap, their utility is totally crippled. If your Minion Horde gets destroyed by a Zap. it will be a very negative Elixir trade. In addition, If your opponent Tower is 1 level higher than your Minions, they will 1 hit Minions.

Lava Hound

Lava Hound is very underrated in Tournaments. But, I agree with most of you guys that it should not be used on the Ladder as level 10+ Zap will 1-shot Lava Pups coming from the level 1 Lava Hound. Lava Pups are the main source of damage so… consider using it If Lava Hound is not your win condition.


Hit or miss! The reason I put the Poison in this list is because of over-leveled Barbarians in Arena 9. Level 3 Poison is not enough at deal with level 11+ Barbarians. Otherwise, If your opponent doesn’t have Barbarians, using Poison is totally okay.


Personally I think it’s fun to play with the P.E.K.K.A against the rocking Giant Poison deck but due to card interactions, your P.E.K.K.A will not able to 1-hit some cards which are supposed to.


Hands down the main advantage you can get from the Furnace is that it can easily chip down the enemy Towers. However, while playing against higher level players, the Fire Spirits can’t survive, they will easily get 1 hit and can’t make it to the Tower. The high level Tower will take them down one by one.

Consider using these cards:

I am not saying that you should use them all in one deck. But, they are excellent at dealing with higher level cards.

Ice Spirit: We all know that this card is getting a huge nerf but until that, it is still one of the best cards in game. Ice Spirit is in the top 5 used cards in Clash Royale at the moment. The huge advantage you can get from the Ice Spirit coming from its 2s freeze effect. It is excellent at preventing damage coming from over-leveled small units like Spear Goblins, Minions, Fire Spirits… I will write an in-depth guide for the Ice Spirit soon!

Zap is still one of the best kill cap cards in Clash Royale. Excellent against Sparky, Inferno Tower, Princes… and some small units. It allows you to be more skillful than your opponents

Elixir Collector: Another best card in the game. Most players above level 7 have Elixir Collector in their decks. It is the key to force your opponents to attack you, while giving you a huge Elixir advantage. Who don’t know this card?

Valkyrie is another great card you should consider about. One of my least favorite cards to face. Even if your Valkyrie level is not high enough, her special ability still can easily clear much clutter from the battle. She is excellent at wiping out the backline. Great card which nets you the Elixir advantage!

Giant: Even at lower level, Giant is still extremely viable to play on the ladder. Giant is a great distraction, protecting your troops coming from behind. He is pretty cheap, provides nice HP and damage. Giant is the most used main win condition in the current meta game.

Inferno Tower is perhaps the best card (not only defensive building) to play against higher leveled cards. Inferno Tower is excellent at stopping Hog Rider, Giant, Royal Giant… The best way to counter the opponent’s Zap is to protect the Inferno Tower If you can. Use Valkyrie/Mini P.E.K.K.A/Knight… to deal with supports coming. Use Ice Wizard or Ice Spirit, or even Poison If needed to extinguish any push.

Mini P.E.K.K.A: Super tank killer! Excellent against Hog Rider, Giant, Royal Giant… Her very high DPS helps us deal with higher leveled cards much easier. Always can act as the secondary win condition.

Bowler: Just like the Ice Spirit, Bowler’s effectiveness is not level dependent. The knockback effect is what we care about. Level 3 Bowler is great enough to give level 12 Barbarians a hard time. Bowler is excellent at clearing over-leveled Archers and Goblins. Great against Giant Push and Hog Rider Push!

Legendary cards: Except the Lava Hound of course as it is already listed above. All of the Legendary cards offer a great value for their cost. They are unique. They are very effective against higher leveled cards. Please take a look at here for more details about their uses!

Some exclusive In-game Tips:

Your Towers provide Free Elixir: Tower is the only thing in game with do damage without spending Elixir. In order to play more efficiently, make the most use of it! Sometimes, it’s better to take some damage!

Tower HP is a resource: Essentially, sometimes we should use the Tower HP to trade for Elixir. Sometimes when the low HP troops are coming towards your Tower, you know that they will so a little damage to your Tower unless you drop a 4 Elixir defensive card down. It’s up to you to decide whether you should take damage and take the Elixir advantage. Just don’t try to save a lot Elixir otherwise your Tower will disappear. Based on my experience, you shouldn’t ignore Goblins 1+ level higher than your Towers.

Zero Damage Defense: Don’t try to win when you just can’t. It’s better to play for a draw. If you face any hard counter to your deck, play for a draw. You have no chance to win!

Know your Deck: Sounds cliche but this is the most important tip for you! Because we can’t control the decks we are going to face, it’s better to be ready for all deck archetypes. You should practice a lot before using your deck on the ladder, know how to cycle it in order to defend against many pushes and decks. Ensure your deck can deal with the most popular decks: Hog Rider Cycle, Hog Trifecta, Giant Poison, Giant Balloon, PPP, Royal Giant Deck… Don’t blame the deck If you just copy and paste it without practicing.

Know your Cards: Know their damage and know what they can do against others. For example, If your Zap is level 10, it can’t 1 hit Goblins level 11. Take a look at here for more details!

So, If you are trying to push as far as you can on the ladder with low leveled cards, I think Beatdown decks are the best. They are also the most popular deck in the current meta so the key to win the games is to generate Elixir advantage and wait for your opponent misplays.

Thanks for reading guys. Don’t hesitate to comment and show your opinions! I hope you can push further in the Legendary Arena with these tips!

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