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گت بلاگز Deck Building Golem’s Playground Deck

The main focus of this Golem deck is to control your opponent with a barrage of hefty troops and punish them when they make a mistake. Play this deck patiently and you will have a guaranteed win! Thanks Mr Boombastic from The Akatsuki for sharing this deck with us

golem deck clash royale

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Golem Deck for Arena 6+

Golem: The main pusher of this deck the rocky tank can push through all enemy defenses (except maybe inferno towers). Utilize this troops slow speed to your advantage and plan your attack. His best supports are the Furnace and the Tombstone which help take out pesky Minion Hoards and Barbarians as well as the occasional Inferno Tower. Only use this card during the x2 Elixir time otherwise you it will be very risky.

Tombstone: The most underutilized spawner in Clash Royale. The Tombstone can be helpful in a variety of situations. First priority is support for the Golem. Skeletons help take out Mini P.E.K.K.A and Inferno Towers that can inflict heavy damage among your Golem. Second, it can be used for defense. The Tombstone defends well against Prince and P.E.K.K.A while your tower and troops drop heavy damage on attackers.

Furnace: The Furnace, second most underutilized Spawner in the Clash Royale, the Furnace helps support your Golem by dealing heavy consistent damage on Minion Hordes and Barbarians. This building is used mainly on offense but can be reworked to defense in case of an emergency. Also, If your Furnace level is high enough, you can use Furnace to chip down the weakened Tower with ease!

Inferno Tower: In recent news, the Giant and P.E.K.K.A have grown in popularity, same goes for the legendaries Lava Hound and Sparky. The Inferno Tower inflicts monstrous amounts of damage on these heavy troops. And that is what it is used for, solid defense pretty self-explanatory.

Elixir Collector: Just elixir, self-explanatory just try to get at least one down before a big push.
Barbarians: Moving on from buildings and such we have

Barbarians:  A very strong card that counters tons of cards. Musketeers, Giant, Royal Giant, Hog Rider, and if played correctly even Sparky. Aside from defending, I like to place these guys in front of the Golem if the Elixir is available to help shut down Cannons and Inferno Towers that might distract the Golem.

Spear Goblin: Very versatile troop that can be utilized in a variety of situations. Goblins are mainly a support troop that help the Golem from receiving to much damage. Countering Minions, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Valkyries. On offense always place these guys behind the Golem to prevent catching damage from possible Bombers or Wizards. On defense use them with the Furnace to help counter Minion Hordes and Barbarians.

Bomber: The Bomber almost as versatile as the Spear Goblins. This troop helps push back annoying spawner decks and deals heavy damage on troops like the Musketeer and Wizard. Offensively you’ll want to place him behind the Golem to help rid of swarms such as Barbarians, Goblins… Defensively you’ll want to place him behind the Crown Towers to exterminate Hordes of troops.


defense set up

The reason for this set up is to ensure that your towers take little to no damage. First line of defense is the Tombstone which will distract all troops and feed the Inferno Tower, this set up also allows both towers to attack troops maximizing the effectiveness.


  • Hog+Freeze: Because of the sheer amount of building the hog will be way to distracted to even touch the tower.
  • Balloon+Freeze: The Tombstone will distract the Balloon long enough so that the Inferno Tower as well as other troops can chip away at it.
  • Sparky+Wizard: Easy, Tombstone skeletons distract Sparky while Inferno Towers incinerates Sparky.
  • Giant: Inferno Tower rips him up.
  • P.E.K.K.A+Rage: Hopefully, the Skeletons will have the P.E.K.K.A distracted long enough so that the Inferno Tower can obliterate him.
  • Other Spawners: Utilize the many splash damage troops in your arsenal to try and push against Spawners. Plus if the Golem can be put down his  death damage can be enough to put down most Spawner troops.
  • Other Golems: Simple, Golem’s slow speed allows it to be taken down by the Inferno Tower in a matter of seconds.


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