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گت بلاگز Arena 8 New Meta Giant Bowler Deck – Push to Legendary Arena!

Hey guys this is Xaos here with a guide about a the Giant Bowler Deck that brought me all the way from 2500 up to Legendary Arena in less than a week. This deck has a few Legendaries, but they can be easily replaced with more common cards and still hold the same effect. This deck is based around creating huge pushes at the back and using the Bowler as well as the Ice Wizard to clear out all the surrounding troops. I have beaten Royal Giant Hog rider decks, as well as Lava Hound miner decks, and the now popular Giant Bowler Lightning with this deck.

Giant Bowler Deck Clash Royale

Giant Bowler Deck – Push to Legendary Arena!


  • If you opponent is not running the Inferno Tower (there will also be a decrease in its use due to the nerf) then it will be very hard to counter this deck
  • Does well against Miner cycle decks
  • Has very good air defense and with the right plays, you can sustain against many air pushes.
  • Does decent at stopping Sparky decks

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Clash Royale The LongClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Arrows

Cards Breakdown

Giant – The main tank of your deck. He should be used to protect your Bowler and other supporting troops. While defending with your Inferno Tower and Bowler, you can quickly deploy the Giant in front of the Bowler and Mega Minion to form a strong counter push. If you are not counter-pushing you should always start with your Giant at the back so you have more than enough Elixir to support your Giant and form a deadly combo.

Bowler – The main support to your Giant. The reason why this deck does good against the Lava Hound tombstone decks and the Giant Bowler lightning tombstone decks is because your Bowler and Giant hard counter that main defensive structure the tombstone. The Bowler is also really great against Barbarians that may be deployed defensively. The pushback effect has great utility and can be used to help push your Giant all the way to the opponents tower

Skeleton Army – Before I changed to Skeleton Army I was running Barbarians, and they were too expensive and did very poorly when my opponent was using fast cycling decks. But due to the buff, the Skeleton Army evolved into a great card that can be used not only on defense but can be used to punish opponents who do not carry Zap or Arrows, or may waste them trying to kill your Bowler and Giant. The Skeleton Army is a also a great distraction against Lava Hound decks. For example when the opponent play a Lava Hound and then backs it up with a Mega Minion, you can use your Skeleton Army to distract the Mega Minion while your Inferno Tower takes out the Lava Hound. You can also use them as defense against Giants, Royal Giants and other tanks.

Ice Wizard – Now I know that many of you will not have the Ice Wizard because you may not have gotten any Legendaries, but if you don’t then I suggest you use the Wizard. Before I received the Ice Wizard I was using the normal Wizard and I was hovering at about 2700. Now the main use of the Ice Wizard/Wizard is to use it’s splash damage to take out supporting troops and hordes of troops, for example when facing spawners always play either your Wizard or Bowler to take down the spawned troops.

The Log – Now again, I know that you may not have The Log, but I only decided to use it as an extra knock back card and a card to do some extra damage at the end of the game. The Zap also has the great stun effect that can be used to either take down some squishy troops or to stun the defensive structure that is stopping your push from making it all the way to the opponents tower.

Inferno Tower – This card will be your main defensive structure to stop the opponents pushes and kill the tanks. I was using the cannon previously but due to so many Lava Hound’s being played, I switched to the Inferno Tower to kill the Lava Hound. Also, if your opponent is carrying Zap, wait for them to Zap the Inferno Tower before dropping your Skeleton Army on defense and quickly start a counter-push. Use your Inferno Tower to kill the tank and use your Wizard/Bowler to kill the supporting troops before quickly starting a counter attack. It is also really great while facing sparky decks because of the reset of Sparky’s charge.

Mega Minion – This card is so versatile and is one of the best cards in the current meta. It can be used to quickly kill the supporting troops while your Inferno takes out the tank, while also dealing massive damage to the opponents tower if it is protected by the Giant. If you can get a Giant, Bowler, Wizard, and Mega Minion down, then your opponent will be in big trouble and will most likely have their tower taken.

Arrows – Arrows are great at taking down swarms of troops. But, due to your Bowler being a ground targeting troop, it is better to use your Arrows to take down air troops like the Minion Horde or 3 Elixir Minions, in comparison to using them to take down a Skeleton Army or kill a Goblin Barrel. Also, if you are nearing the end of overtime an arrow Zap/Arrows Log combination can help you not only take out the defending troops but help take some damage of the tower to pull of those clutch victories.

General Gameplan

The main way to use this deck is to start pushes from the back and then pile on massive amounts of troops until the opponent just cannot stop them. When you start the game, try to start with a Bowler or a Wizard so that in case your opponent starts with a push you will have some troops to at least stop or slow them down. When you are facing somebody who has the Inferno Tower, wait for them to attack you so that you can build a huge counter push with you Wizard, Mega Minion, and Bowler before placing a Giant and then a Zap to reset the inferno. You will be able to plough through the opponents defense and make it to the tower and deal some massive damage. Also, if you know your opponent is using the Minion Horde, get your Arrows ready to kill the horde because your Wizard will not take Minion Horde down in one shot.

The best way to stop many pushes is to use the Inferno Tower to kill the tank while using the Skeleton Army, Mega Minion, Wizard or Bowler to take down the supporting troops depending on what they are. This deck struggles the most against Hog Rider cycle decks. The best way to deal with these decks is to keep placing defensive troops and cycling to your Inferno so you can effectively stop the Hog Rider. If your opponent cycles to his Hog Rider very quickly, then you can also cycle quickly through many of your cards till you can get multiple Bowlers and Mega Minions down. This paired up with a Giant will destroy your opponent.

For example, this one guy was using Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits, Knight, and Goblins and was cycling very quickly to his Hog Rider. Due to the 3.6 Elixir cost of the deck, I cycled very quickly till I had 2 Bowlers, 2 Ice Wizards, 2 Mega Minions on defense and when I paired them with a Giant my opponent even with his Inferno Tower and Minion Horde couldn’t stop my push and I 3 crowned him.


Thanks for reading this guys, and with practice you can quickly master this deck and push all the way to Legendary Arena. Even if you have low level cards you can still make it, because I made it to Legendary Arena with a Level 6 Giant, Level Bowler, Level 1 Ice Wizard, Level 1 Log, Level 6 Mega Minion, Level 5 Inferno Tower, and level 8 Arrows and a level 3 Skeleton Army. Good luck, I hope all of you can push to Legendary Arena with this deck!

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